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Fine Point Technologies Announces Broadband Carrier Support to Reduce Covid 19 Spread Waiving All Installation & Training Charges for Mountain View Remote Device Management Software

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Fine Point Technologies, Inc. based in Herndon, Virginia will waive all installation and training charges for their Mountain View remote device management software to help carriers deploy and maintain their broadband subscriber’s modems and wifi networks given the demand for broadband services due to the spread of the Covid 19 virus forcing citizens to work from home.

The company’s Mountain View software allows broadband carriers to provision new subscribers, remotely manage broadband subscriber’s modems and manage home wifi networks with “zero touch” reducing truck rolls and customer service calls by using virtual means to service their subscribers.

Todd Ruelle, CEO of Fine Point Technologies states “We as a company have the technology and track record to help carriers reduce having their personnel from going out into the field to subscriber locations given the spread risk of Covid 19. If we can help out our customers by providing free installation and training to meet the demands of broadband usage given the unfortunate circumstances, we will do our part until such time the threat subsides. We will offer our services world-wide to all carriers both domestic and internationally in order to support the heighten demand for broadband services. For existing customers of Fine Point, the company will offer refreshment training classes on use of the software at no charge.

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Fine Point Technologies is a privately-held company that focuses on developing software tools that connect network operators with their customers. Fine Point offers solutions for device management, installation, customer care, broadband access concentration, and data analytics. Fine Points solutions manage both wireline and wireless platforms from a single server, providing network operators with a single user interface to manage all devices. Learn more at