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Fine Point Technologies Announces the Availability of Speed Master, a Vendor Agnostic Broadband Performance Testing Tool

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Fine Point Technologies today announced the release of Speed Master, a software module that enables highly efficient and scalable, vendor agnostic bulk speed testing.

The module, available as part of Fine Point’s Mountain View software, will enable carriers to conduct latency tests in accordance with FCC requirements. The Speed Master module will perform Download Diagnostics, Upload Diagnostics and IP Ping testing in accordance with TR-143.

Fine Point Technologies will be offering a 100% money back guarantee that the reporting generated by Speed Master will satisfy FCC requirements set forth in the FCC Order DA 18-710.

“The FCC CAF II reporting requirement has driven demand for a broadband performance testing tool in the US, however, we have been fielding requests for this type of testing from customers across the globe,” said Todd Ruelle, CEO and Chairman at Fine Point Technologies. “Oftentimes, once the FCC issues a requirement, other governing bodies follow suit. We are anticipating continued demand for this module across our global client base.”

The Speed Master module is available directly from Fine Point Technologies and is available through Fine Point’s network of distributors. Learn more about becoming a distributor at

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