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FINEOS Proud to Collaborate on the Development of LIMRA Data Exchange Standards (LDEx)

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FINEOS Corporation (ASX:FCL), the market-leading provider of group and individual core systems for life, accident and health insurance, today announces its involvement in the development of the LIMRA LDEx Standards for Non-Medical Workplace Benefits. The LIMRA announcement states that the first phase of LDEx standards enables standardized data exchange between benefits administration technology companies to send coverage updates, including demographic changes, to carriers. Life, accident and various health products are supported.

The LIMRA LDEx Standards will help insurance carriers and benefits administration companies reduce errors, drive consistency and streamline the process. In the LIMRA announcement, Inah Chambers, Director, LIMRA member relations and sales – Workplace Benefits, said “As more employers move from paper to online benefits enrollment, growth in technology companies providing online benefits administration using varying data formats has increased. Without standards, our members found it time consuming and costly to manage the many data feeds and ensure accuracy,”

“FINEOS is the only core platform provider to participate in this endeavour. And as the leading core platform provider for life, accident and health carriers, FINEOS is especially pleased to contribute to the development of the LDEx standards,” said Chuck Johnston, FINEOS Chief Marketing Officer. “The FINEOS AdminSuite is compliant with the new standards and is prepared for deployment and integration. Our FINEOS Engage API approach to system development and integration enables FINEOS to interface with other systems in the value-chain. We welcome the new data exchange measures, and our customers will benefit from the LDEx standards as they further deploy our FINEOS AdminSuite for the Employee Benefits market.”

About FINEOS Corporation

FINEOS is a leading provider of core systems for life, accident and health insurers globally with 7 of the 10 largest group life and health carriers in the US as well as 6 of the largest life insurers in Australia. With employees and offices throughout the world, FINEOS continues to scale rapidly, working with innovative progressive insurers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

The FINEOS Platform provides clients full end to end core insurance administration and includes the FINEOS AdminSuite core product suite as well as add-on products, FINEOS Engage to support digital engagement and FINEOS Insight for analytics and reporting.

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