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Fintech Strategist Jason Jones Joins Forces With TrueNorth

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TrueNorth, a global fintech software development company, today announced the appointment of serial fintech entrepreneur Jason Jones to their board of advisors. With expertise in early-stage market formation, Jones’ background includes more than 25 years of experience in financial services and 15 years of experience launching successful companies that are at the intersection of finance and technology.

Jones is the co-founder of LendIt Fintech, the world’s largest events company focused on alternative lending and digital banking. He also co-founded Cardinal Rose Group, NSR Invest and HighStep Capital. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Jones held key roles at Fidelity Investments, Cambridge Associates, Goldman Sachs, SAC Capital and J. Goldman & Co. In addition to his work at TrueNorth, Jones is currently focused on building a decentralized lending protocol called Centrifuge.

“Jason is one of the most gifted minds and accomplished professionals in Fintech to date,” said Alex Gonikman, Co-Founder and CEO of TrueNorth. “He will be joining Soul Htite, Co-founder of Lending Club, Chris Del, a Fintech Digital Leader, and Robert Cheung, CEO at Assured Asset Management, on our board of advisors. We are thrilled for this group to guide TrueNorth as we seek to secure our position as the industry’s leading fintech software development firm. We are experiencing our best year of growth ever and we plan to double revenue in the next twelve months.”

“The best Internet business models are digital marketplaces that unlock value by connecting buyers and sellers who previously struggled to connect. I’ve admired TrueNorth’s track record of building several of the world’s largest digital marketplaces,” Jones said. “As we look to the future, TrueNorth is so well positioned to embed fintech into a whole variety of software solutions to continually create new marketplace opportunities. I will share my insights and connections from my years of experience as a CEO and entrepreneur, and as an Internet and technology fund manager, venture capitalist, and research analyst.”

Jones also serves on the board of directors for the New York Alternative Investment Roundtable. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science (BS) from Babson College.

About TrueNorth

TrueNorth is one of the largest and most successful fintech software development companies in the world having built three fintech unicorns from scratch–Lending Club, Upgrade and Dianrong. The company specializes in building digital solutions, including 45 original enterprises, 100 digital transformations and 40 product revamps. TrueNorth’s unique Team Captain client-focused process enables its most senior engineers to navigate and apply the latest technologies to develop cutting-edge digital solutions for banks, credit unions, payment companies, lending firms, wealth management firms, and insurance companies. More recently, TrueNorth has expanded its expertise into additional mission critical industries including healthcare and education. CEO Alex Gonikman, a veteran software architect, leads a staff of more than 50 employees at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Tandil, Argentina.

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