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First-of-its-kind Commercial Real Estate Platform InTheMarket to Launch in December

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InTheMarket (ITM), a new SaaS platform for the commercial real estate (CRE) leasing industry, designed and built specifically for tenant-rep brokers and landlords, will launch in New York City with a limited industry-only beta class of users in December and a full commercial launch in Q1 2021. ITM brings the entire CRE leasing process onto the cloud, delivering end-to-end workflows around every task in the tenant-rep experience— including the industry’s first interactive deal room where brokers and landlords negotiate proposal terms and execute deals, in-platform. ITM provides connectivity and access to stakeholders in a way that no other platform ever has, marking the next step in the evolution of PropTech.

InTheMarket’s custom product suite eliminates the “heavy lift” that tenant-rep brokers endure daily and reduces multi-hour projects to just a few minutes, materially improving efficiencies and response times. ITM’s custom-built portal for landlords and their agents connects them directly to broker demand and features built-in workflows, communication, and file-sharing tools that accelerate every step of the leasing process.

The platform is going to fundamentally change the way brokers and landlords engage one another, said Steven Renbaum, InTheMarket’s founder and longtime CRE veteran. According to Renbaum, the development of the platform was the culmination of hands-on broker and landlord input over the past 24 months, and was aided by a veteran team of advisors, including senior executives in the CRE, PropTech, and tech industries.

InTheMarket is a hybrid of the most essential workflow tools and includes features such as:

  • Built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, designed around CRE workflows
  • Space discovery and search tools
  • Tenant requirement announcement tool for brokers and real-time demand view for landlords
  • Custom tour-book, flyer, and proposal creator and editor
  • Custom financial analysis and comparison matrices
  • Tour scheduling logistics, including broker and landlord confirmation workflows
  • A virtual deal room where brokers and landlords negotiate terms in-platform, in real-time
  • A sublease center — create listings directly from tenant profile in CRM, announce to market, manage inquiries, tours, and deals

“Today, the current leading platforms are built around the industry’s supply side, but its demand that drives the market, and until ITM was created, there was nothing else like it. ITM is the first true end-to-end platform in the CRE leasing space, saving stakeholders hundreds of hours annually. We’ve onboarded the entire leasing process to the cloud significantly speeding up the process and allowing for ‘point of sale’ data aggregation, something that is going to revolutionize the industry”, said Renbaum.

Renbaum is a former broker who spent the past 16 years in New York City’s CRE leasing industry representing office tenants and landlords, most recently with Summit RE Partners, an independent brokerage platform he founded in 2012. Before getting into the real estate industry, Renbaum was one of the founding members of the technology firm Critical Mention in 2002, the leading provider of broadcast monitoring services which transformed the way PR firms, corporations, and government agencies monitor brand-mentions on TV.

Renbaum said that the ITM platform will have an immediate impact on an industry that’s ripe for innovation. “Traditionally, the industry has been married to inefficient, static, manual workflow processes. This platform integrates people and product, massively increasing access, reach, and velocity for both brokers and landlords,” he said.

InTheMarket will first be available in New York City, with a wider, nationwide roll-out to follow.InTheMarket is currently in a limited, industry-only beta, which is ongoing and still accepting applicants. Following the onboarding of those users, InTheMarket plans to make its product available to the wider broker community in the New York CRE industry, followed by additional major markets in 2021.

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About InTheMarket:

InTheMarket is a brand new, end-to-end leasing platform designed to provide tenant-rep brokers with an out-of-the-box workflow solution that seamlessly interacts with users on the supply side, making the entire process easier and faster. Tenant-rep brokers can search for properties, create work-product, negotiate leases, and close deals all on one platform. Based in New York City, InTheMarket was founded by Steven Renbaum, a veteran of the New York commercial real estate industry. Renbaum also previously launched the alternative online lending company Loanzy, and in 2002, the tech firm Critical Mention. Most recently, he was a principal at Summit RE Partners, an independent leasing and investment platform he founded in 2012. For more information, please visit