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FirstBuild Launches Crowdfunding for The Forge Clear Ice System

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a global co-creation community backed by GE
, has revolutionized the way enthusiasts of fine spirits
can achieve clear ice at home with the launch of the Forge
Clear Ice System
. The appliance incubator and creator of the popular Opal
Nugget Ice Maker
is offering Forge for presale,
beginning today, through a crowdfunding campaign at

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The Forge Clear Ice System, consisting of the clear ice maker and the heated press, has revolutioniz ...

The Forge Clear Ice System, consisting of the clear ice maker and the heated press, has revolutionized the way enthusiasts of fine spirits can achieve clear ice at home. (Photo: FirstBuild)

Clear ice, free from the impurities and trapped air that typically cloud
ice, is the gold standard for connoisseurs of fine bourbon, whiskey and
other spirits. A large sphere is the best way for bourbon connoisseurs
to enjoy clear ice, as it melts slowly, allowing the flavor to blossom.

Traditional methods of clear-ice creation, however, usually require
about 24 hours of freeze time plus dedicated freezer space—and the
results are often inconsistent.

The Forge Clear Ice System is unlike any appliance available today. The
two-component system includes both a self-contained ice maker that makes
large clear gems of ice on your home bar (no freezer space or plumbing
required), and the world’s first ice press with integrated heaters.

The clear ice maker creates large, gem-shaped clear ice in just hours
and holds the gems at the ideal temperature. The heated press then
shapes the gems into crystal-like spheres in about a minute with
virtually no preheat or recovery time needed.

“Our engineers have worked alongside whiskey experts and enthusiasts to
create both an innovative way to make clear ice at home, and an
experience that creates a wow every time,” said Larry Portaro, executive
director of FirstBuild.

This is not FirstBuild’s first foray into fine ice making. It is the
inventor of the fan-favorite Opal
Nugget Ice Maker
, a home system that creates chewable,
crunchable, flavor-preserving nuggets. Opal was also brought to market
through the crowdfunding support of FirstBuild’s more than 30,000
community members and ice enthusiasts.

The product’s value is so compelling that it’s already garnered
attention from bourbon and whiskey insiders. Fred Minnick, spirits
author, historian and editor-in-chief of Bourbon Plus, has signed
on as spokesman for Forge.

“We’re living in the golden age of distilled spirits, and even if you’ve
been enjoying these wonderful spirits near your whole life, clear ice is
a game changer,” Minnick said. “If you’ve read my books, you know I
wouldn’t ordinarily recommend putting ice in your whiskey. But there’s a
reason why Forge is the first product I’ve endorsed.”

The Forge Clear Ice System, which includes the countertop clear ice
maker, the heated press and specially engineered ice tongs, is available
now for crowdfunding at
The system will have an estimated MSRP of $1,499 when it comes into
production, but with significant discounts offered to early adopters in
the crowdfunding period. Those taking advantage of presale opportunities
during crowdfunding can use the code FORGE to get the best pricing
available. Once funded, the Forge Clear Ice System is expected to begin
shipping to consumers in 2020.

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