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Fitness and Lifestyle App Freeletics Unveils New AI Algorithm that Generates Nearly Infinite Customized Workouts

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Freeletics, the leading AI-powered fitness and lifestyle coaching app, just got smarter than a human personal trainer. Today, the company announced a brand new AI algorithm update that gives more than 50 million users an almost infinite number of workout combinations, offering more variety, personalization, autonomy and an overall better user experience.

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Currently the most intelligent, affordable, and adaptable AI fitness coach on the market, Freeletics now gives users even more freedom to choose when, where, and how they want to work out, delivering even better long-term health and fitness results.

“Our human-augmented AI harnesses the power of textbook AI, but in a more human way,” said Simon Alger, Lead Data Scientist at Freeletics. “The newly improved algorithm integrates the guidance and insights of a team of real sports scientists to deliver a holistic training experience and an even truer personal trainer in your pocket.”

Benefits for Users with the New Human-Augmented AI Technology:

  1. Massive Variety for Custom Workouts – The upgraded human-augmented AI algorithm has the ability to create nearly 1 trillion custom workout combinations, reducing boredom and improving results. Aside from the AI upgrade, the update also includes:

    1. New Exercises and Workouts – 128 new exercises (including stretches and both equipment-free and equipment-based bodyweight exercises) for a portfolio of more than 300 exercises curated by expert sports scientists. With these additional exercises, the AI can now help users target even more muscle groups and create more skill progression courses and tailor-made workouts for their training plans.
    2. New Equipment – While Freeletics remains a bodyweight training app at its core, the new update introduces simple exercise equipment such as a jump rope, foam roller, stretch block and resistance bands with 70 new equipment-based exercises. These work with the new AI algorithm, acting as an enabler to help users progress and achieve their goals in a more varied way than before.
  2. More Adaptability, Personalization & Flexibility – The new AI gives users a much higher degree of personalization and autonomy in their workout sessions. While still continuously adapting itself after every single training feedback, the AI coach can now create a completely new workout from scratch even if it can’t find an option in the existing workout library that exactly matches the user’s needs. This will work seamlessly with the popular “Adapt Session” feature, which gives users nearly 14,000 ways to completely tailor their workout on any given day. For example, if a user selects ‘‘I need to train quietly” and “I’m too sore,” now they will have even more quiet workout options that avoid those sore muscles, giving them unparalleled flexibility for what they want their workout to look and feel like. With a rating of 85% accuracy after just five sessions, new users will be able to trust that their digital coach is helping them reach their goals with a plan designed specifically for them.
  3. Enhanced User Experience All old exercise tutorial videos in the Freeletics app have been replaced to match the new, highly intelligent and interactive interface. Now, users can watch the exercises tutorials in 4K, from three different camera angles and in slow motion, with detailed instructions all in one place. These new tutorial videos are the most innovative in the industry – no other app allows for three camera angles that provide a 360° comprehensive look of how to properly do any exercise.

“Our most recent update doubles down on our three strategic pillars: unparalleled personalization, increased variety, and guided efficiency,” said Kornelius Brunner, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Freeletics. “Research shows that these are the key drivers to motivate people to work out and move towards a long-term athletic lifestyle. With this update, we now stand out in the digital fitness space and are taking a further step towards our vision of helping users become the greatest version of themselves.”

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About Freeletics

Freeletics was founded in 2013 with the mission to challenge and inspire people to become the greatest version of themselves, both mentally and physically. Since then, the company has become the leading provider of AI-based fitness and mindset coaching, with over 50 million users in over 175 countries. The Freeletics app is not just the #1 fitness app in Europe, but also offers the most advanced AI technology in the industry. It puts a personal trainer in your pocket, enabling you to train anytime, anywhere, any how, with hyper-personalized training plans and workouts. Its AI technology allows the app to learn from millions of users and their individual feedback, so it can develop ongoing smart Training Journeys, uniquely designed to suit every single user, down to the last exercise.