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FitTrack Launches Global Equity Campaign to Break Taboos Around What It Means to Be Healthy Today

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Today, leading health technology company and body positive advocate FitTrack has launched a new Global Equity Campaign aimed at breaking taboos around what being healthy really means. This new campaign is true to FitTrack’s core mission to ensure anyone, anywhere, has access to the tools and insights they need to be the best version of themselves – however they choose to define it.

As a society, we have become accustomed to the outdated idea that your health is all about the number on a scale and that being skinny equals healthy. However, weight alone is not an accurate reflection of one’s true health, and being healthy starts with a greater understanding of your holistic health. Knowing that not everybody has access to a personal trainer or private chef, FitTrack is setting out to redefine what healthy means for everyday people by offering them affordable, easy-to-use and informative tools to reach their personal health goals.

FitTrack already has the support from some of the top names in health and fitness to help spread the message of body positivity and educate others on why it’s important to understand what’s right for your body, not anybody else’s. Like-minded users and fans that have joined thus far include Barry’s Instructor Kate Lemere, The Ace Family’s Catherine McBroom, Real Housewives’ Melissa Gorga (RHONJ) and Emily Simpson (RHOC), Beach Body instructor Elise Joan and others.

“The foundation of FitTrack has always been around making crucial health technology accessible and affordable, so that anyone, anywhere can gain a better understanding of their holistic health,” said Jeffrey Sawyer Lee, CEO and Founder of FitTrack. “In order to support people through every step of their health and wellness journey, we are constantly listening to our community to better understand their individual needs, and make sure they’re getting the most out of our offerings to monitor and track progress on their own unique journey.”

FitTrack led the charge in democratizing access to health technology with the Dara Smart Scale and Atria Fitness Tracker. These affordable and easy-to-use products help users measure, track and trend their body vitals over time with 17 detailed health measurements and real-time updates easily available on their smartphone. To meet the needs of every user, at every stage of their lives, FitTrack recently launched Beebo – the first of its kind maternity scale designed specifically for pregnant and postpartum women.

As part of this effort, FitTrack is also hosting a “Live Your True Health Challenge” for the month of October to enable ordinary people to redefine what healthy means to them. In doing so, FitTrack will give back to those who are brave enough to share their true health journey, with a chance to win prizes that support them on that journey – from $1000 in Amazon gift cards to top-of-the-line fitness equipment and technology.

The creative on this campaign was led by Toronto-based agency The Garden and will run globally in the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and Germany. You can learn more about how FitTrack is redefining health and breaking taboos around weight here, or join us for a chance to share your story and be entered to win prizes, here.

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FitTrack is the world’s leader in accurate and comprehensive health tracking that is redefining the idea of health with the Dara Smart Scale and Atria Fitness Tracker. The only body composition scale designed for moms to be, Beebo continues FitTrack’s mission to support you throughout your health journey by helping monitor what matters most. Learn more at