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Five High-Value Use Cases for Data Analytics in Hospitals | A Free Resource by Quantzig

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Quantzig is a premier analytics solutions provider that offers cutting-edge solutions to cater to the unique analytical needs of today’s modern enterprises. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, leading healthcare systems are facing increased scrutiny and are forced to drive better outcomes. Our industry-leading data analytics solutions for healthcare combine cutting-edge analytics methodologies, advanced algorithms, and data science with intuitive, interactive dashboards that help drive shareholder value and business outcomes. What sets us apart amid the competition is that our proprietary algorithms and advanced data analytics platforms are designed to support the unique needs of healthcare organizations, thereby ensuring we deliver maximum value and returns to our clients.

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Top Five Uses of Data Analytics In Hospitals (Graphic: Business Wire)

Top Five Uses of Data Analytics In Hospitals (Graphic: Business Wire)

7000+ leading hospitals all over the world use data analytics to make informed decisions around patient care, inventory management, and service offerings. Request a customized proposal to learn more about the role of data analytics in healthcare.

When it comes to healthcare analytics, hospitals and health systems can benefit most from data if they move towards understanding the analytic discoveries, rather than just focusing on the straight facts. Today, hospitals are facing high pressures to improve patient care by adopting new technologies and making the right investments to drive outcomes, which ultimately increases costs. Hospitals have to fine-tune this trade-off to provide the best possible care by at reasonable costs. Advancements in the field of data analytics have enabled hospitals to achieve operational efficiency and improve their quality of care.

According to Quantzig’s health data analytics experts, “The use of healthcare data analytics in the next 10 years is going to be extremely important for hospital systems and is poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing care, improving outcomes, and driving service efficiency.”

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Top Five Uses of Data Analytics In Hospitals

  • Administrative Cost Optimization

    All day-to-day tasks within a hospital generate a lot of data that offers insights into patient admissions, patient service time, wait-times, and drug inventory. This data can be processed by data analytics tools to optimize workforce, patient management, and drug inventory to save on administrative costs.
  • Improve Patient Wellness and Outcomes

    Hospitals that use data analytics tools and data dashboards can keep track of their patient records and with the help of data fed from wearable devices and can remind patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Identify Fraud and Abuse

    Hospitals can identify insurance frauds and abuse cases by analyzing large unstructured data sets of claims and use machine learning algorithms to identify suspicious patterns and anomalies.
  • Clinical Decision Support

    Data analytics tools provide doctors with a dashboard to access all patient information with ease. It helps the doctors in providing the best mode of treatment to the patient to improve outcomes.
  • Obtain Actionable Insights

    Data analytics tools can provide the hospitals with key metrics such as patient admission rate, treatment errors, mortality rates, and readmission cases. A quick comparison of such metrics with industry standards can identify problem areas so that they can take corrective actions to ensure patient safety.

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