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Five Things to Look Forward to at RSA Conference 2019 APJ

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, the world’s leading cybersecurity conferences and
expositions, today announced new additions to the Conference agenda to
address the latest cybersecurity developments in the Asia-Pacific and
Japan (APJ) region.

With data breaches and cyberattacks being listed as the top five most
serious risks facing the world today, there are increasing efforts to
develop regional cybersecurity programs and data governance frameworks.
From the ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, which
provides a regional cybersecurity framework, to the Cyber Resilience
Assessment Framework (C-RAF) in Hong Kong that combats cyber-attacks in
the financial sector, cybersecurity remains top of the public-private
sector agenda.

“The programs at RSA Conference (RSAC) 2019 APJ have been curated to
meet the needs and interests of our participants. The goal of RSA
Conference is to help the industry mature while individuals are prepared
to be defenders of the cyber world. The world will be a better, more
secure place when everyone understands that cybersecurity is
fundamentally about people protecting people. We stop at nothing to
provide the best experience every year at our Conference, and this year
will be no exception,” said Linda Gray Martin, General Manager, RSA

To gain new perspectives on issues pertaining to the regional landscape,
Conference attendees can look forward to being able to:

1. Anticipate threats to stay secure and avoid
financial loss

This year, RSAC 2019 APJ presents two new tracks: Analytics,
Intelligence & Response
that addresses how organizations can
apply investigative and analytic techniques to anticipate and resolve
incidents, and The Human & Process Security that will cover
how businesses can navigate management issues such as operational risk
strategies, as well as people-related issues such as social engineering,
while exploring new paradigms including zero trust and DevSecOps to
successfully implement security programs.

“With the average global cost of a data breach rising to US$4 million
per organization in 2018, enterprises need to develop capabilities to
anticipate and protect sensitive information and digital identities,”
said Gray Martin. “At RSAC 2019 APJ, we will be featuring eight tracks
in total, covering crucial topics such as Policy, Government and
Regulations; Global Perspectives; eFraud and Law Enforcement; and Cloud,
Mobile and IT Security – to raise awareness levels and facilitate the
discussions we need to have.”

2. Simulate and participate in real-world cyber

A key challenge that cybersecurity personnel face today is responding to
cyberthreats in a timely manner. To address that, RSAC 2019 APJ
participants will be able to try their hand at simulated cybersecurity
challenges to put their cybersecurity defenses to the test.

For example, to help attendees level-up on their cybersecurity skills,
the Conference will feature the SANS
Core NetWars Experience
– a hands-on cybersecurity challenge
designed for novice to advanced professionals which will uncover best
practices in penetration testing, forensics and defense.

Likewise, the inaugural Cyber Investigators’ Challenge, in
partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Singapore
Cybersecurity Consortium, will be open to students from the Institutes
of Technical Education (ITE), Junior Colleges (JC), Polytechnics and
Universities in Singapore. The challenge aims to train these students to
spot new security vulnerabilities and improve their network security
knowledge, through solving cases in a variety of real-life scenarios.

3. Hear the latest in cyber-attackers’ arsenal
and what our defenders are doing right

Industry experts and renowned keynote speakers from the public, private
and academia sector at RSAC 2019 APJ will lead thought-provoking
seminars to provide insights and tips to address today’s pressing
cybersecurity issues:

  • The DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Day @ RSAC explores security’s
    role in the movement towards automation. Participants will hear from
    forward-looking peers and experts who have transformed their
    organizational view on cybersecurity, and successfully transitioned
    from legacy development and deployment to integrated security systems.
  • Innovate to Future Proof: 2025 provides a glimpse of what the
    world may look like in 2025. This seminar will explore predicted
    changes in regulations and policies, their impact on business
    operations, and discuss how to better prepare for future challenges.
  • Facing Financial Fraud Head On: Cybersecurity Best Practices
    addresses how organizations and financial entities are increasingly
    susceptible to creative cyberattacks as a result of supply chain
    vulnerabilities. Industry experts will share practical tips to reduce
    losses and best protect the organization and its customers.
  • IEEE Seminars: Ethical Hacking will uncover the intention and
    processes behind ethical hacking through a case study and live-hack
    demo. The afternoon session will focus on Aftermath Reporting – The
    What, Why, How, Who and When
    designed to assess if the necessary
    tools are in place to handle a cybersecurity breach and explore means
    to mitigate, manage and learn from the incident.

Speakers at RSAC 2019 APJ, which include Andrei Barysevich, Director of
Advanced Collection at Recorded Future, Jinan Budge, Principal Analyst
at Forrester, and DeWayne Hixson, Director of Global Security at Walmart
Stores Inc, will share their first-hand experiences on cyber issues. In
addition, the popular keynote panel from RSAC USA will feature the SANS
Institute presenting “The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques
and How to Counter Them.”

4. Develop personal and professional goals
through industry challenges

Additionally, attendees will be able to engage in peer-to-peer learning
at Birds of a Feather sessions where speakers lead small-group
discussions to facilitate brainstorming and collaboration. Also unique
to the Conference are Ask the Expert Roundtables, where speakers
and attendees delve deeper into an originally presented topic, and Learning
, where participants engage in skill-building exercises and
group discussions in an immersive, facilitated experience.

5. Witness the new Innovation Program targeting
APJ’s fast-growing cybersecurity startup ecosystem

RSAC 2019 APJ has also announced its new
Innovation Program
to help early-stage and growth-stage
cybersecurity startups move from pilot to proof of concept and scale. RSAC
Launch Pad
and RSAC
Early Stage Expo
are programs specially curated for budding
entrepreneurs. These programs will reach entrepreneurs at all stages in
their careers and allow Conference participants a glimpse into the new
businesses and industry solutions that can possibly change the
cybersecurity landscape.

Details of RSA Conference 2019 APJ:

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