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Fivetran Partners With Databricks to Extend Cloud-Based Connectors to the Lakehouse

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Fivetran, whose automated data integration technology helps analysts centralize data into leading data warehouses, today announced a partnership with Databricks, the leader in unified data analytics, to simplify infrastructure for Business Intelligence (BI) and Machine Learning (ML). The inclusion of Fivetran in Databricks’ Data Ingestion Network introduces Databricks as a destination for the 150+ Fivetran automated data connectors.

Data engineering and data science teams that support ML and BI initiatives need data to feed their models and dashboards. Yet the integration and maintenance of key operational data sources from a variety of SaaS applications, internal databases, event collection, and file systems into an accessible ready-to-use data model, across both architecture requirements, is often a roadblock to the success of these projects. Fivetran automates the integration of these data sources into Delta Lake, an open source project that provides reliable data lakes at scale. Teams can now leverage traditional data alongside big data while eliminating complexity of repetitive configuration and maintenance.

“Our partnership with Databricks means customers will now be able to centralize the ecosystem of SaaS apps and other key operational data sources into a single unified lakehouse to power machine-learning as well as traditional business intelligence workloads,” said George Fraser, CEO at Fivetran.

With the intuitive data ingestion network in Databricks, customers can easily bring data from hundreds of sources into Delta Lake to create lakehouse environments. Fivetran’s managed connectors along with Delta Lake’s transactional integrity increase data recency, enabling data teams to accelerate analytics and machine learning initiatives.

“Databricks and Fivetran deliver a powerful unified data analytics environment by enabling customers to automate combining operational data with fast growing machine generated data for a more comprehensive view of a customer’s business. The two technologies work seamlessly to give data teams more time to enrich, analyze and discover new insights for business intelligence and machine learning use cases while spending less time building and maintaining complex ETL processes across systems,” said Michael Hoff, senior vice president of Business Development and Partners at Databricks.

To learn more, save a spot in Databricks’ upcoming webinar, Accelerate building lakehouses for Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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