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Fixing Patient Access: Asparia Announces First Chatbot Embedded in Electronic Health Records

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Asparia (formerly SimplifiMed) today announced the launch of the first conversational platform using intelligent chatbots embedded into electronic health records (EHRs). Now, patient access functions can be automated with customized two-way communication that improves adherence to appointments, check-ups, and preventive screenings. The chatbots “talk” to patients in more than 100 languages via interactive texting and calls.

“Asparia closes the crucial gap that exists today in patient management – the disconnect between recommended care as documented in the EHR, and the patient outside of the exam room,” said Kamal Anand, CEO & Co-Founder, Asparia. “We give a voice to those care needs, whether it’s keeping appointments or getting preventive check-ups. As a result, health systems can manage patient adherence with automated technology.”

Today, staff time is wasted on repetitive and ineffective administrative tasks trying to get patients to keep appointments and re-checks. Asparia automates these tasks to improve consistency, adherence and reduces the staff’s administrative burden. All transactions are automatically updated in the EHR. As a result, patients experience greater convenience and flexibility, as well as improved health outcomes. Health systems and providers also see improved care quality and better pay-for- health performance goals.

“Automating these activities with smart technology is a major step forward in improving patient care and alleviating the issues in patient access,” said Amanda Heidemann, M.D., CMIO Services. “Asparia will enable health care delivery organizations to achieve higher efficiency and reach quality and population health goals.”

In addition to better adherence to patient treatment plans, automation significantly boosts efficiency and financial performance. At the average “no show” loss of $200 per patient and a 7-20% no-show rate, a 100-provider health system has revenue leakage of about $10 million a year.

Health care delivery organizations such as health and hospital systems, medical groups, and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) using Asparia report dramatic increases in patient response and engagement, significantly lower no-show rates and higher consistency and adherence to preventive care check-ups.

“With Asparia, our response rates to notifications about vaccines jumped from 5 percent to 70 percent,” said Brett Swenson, M.D., a primary care physician based in Scottsdale, Arizona. “We were spending a lot of resources for appointment reminders and it just wasn’t effective. With Asparia, I am gratified that we are delivering better and more proactive care. Our patients tell us they love being able to conduct these transactions on their cell phones, at any time, without having to make phone calls or go back and forth in communicating with the office.”

Asparia is also the only chatbot embedded in electronic health records such as Epic, Athenahealth, NextGen, Centricity, DrChrono and others. Asparia’s unique architecture and deep integration with EHRs enables “zero friction” implementation and operations; staff do not have to undergo training to learn a new system and can continue to work within the EHR. With no data duplication between the EHR and Asparia, the EHR remains the single source of truth for patient data and interactions.

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About Asparia:

Asparia is the first chatbot embedded in EHR systems that automates two-way, personalized communication between patients and health care delivery organizations such as health and hospital systems, medical groups, and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC). It reduces patient no-shows and staff administrative burden, while increasing care quality, revenue and patient satisfaction. Providers are supported in meeting their pay-for-performance and population health goals. Asparia’s SaaS solution provides actionable appointment reminders and preventive care recall by automatically identifying and reaching out to patients who need preventive screenings, tests, vaccinations or follow-up for medical conditions. Asparia communicates with patients via texting in over 100 languages and interactive voice calls, making it ideal for today’s mobile, multicultural population.