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Flag Raising Ceremony Hosted by ATLATL For Coronavirus Warriors

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Today is the first day of resuming work in Shanghai. The ATLATL Innovation Center held a solemn flag-raising ceremony before work started. In order to reduce the number of people gathered, only a few representatives attended the flag-raising ceremony, while other employees participated via the live webcast.

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Flag Raising Ceremony Hosted by ATLATL for Coronavirus Warriors (Photo: Business Wire)

Flag Raising Ceremony Hosted by ATLATL for Coronavirus Warriors (Photo: Business Wire)

ATLATL Innovation Center is located in Zhangjiang, Pudong. It is a world-renowned biopharmaceutical research and development platform, accommodating and serving many well-known domestic and foreign innovation companies. Asked about the first day of resumption, Dr. PC Zhu, the founder of ATLATL, said, “During the NCP epidemic, doctors and scientists are the warriors at the frontier. As a biomedical innovation platform, ATLATL helps provide first-class services to scientists in a safe and peaceful working environment so that they can focus on new drug research.”

During this epidemic, ATLATL and many of the companies in the Center have been dedicated to researching NCP, from testing and antibodies to big data and artificial intelligence, among other areas. Foreseeing the potential negative impacts from the epidemic, ATLATL applied strict preventive control measures as early as the Spring Festival, including personnel registration, inspection, and disinfection. For the resumption of work, ATLATL has set up a comprehensive and multi-layered protection plan. ATLATL arranged the flag-raising ceremony on the first day of resumption to show its respect to the frontline warriors.

[“Atlatl” is a Nahuatl word that means “spear thrower”, which enabled ancient hunters to throw farther and faster, eventually generating greater returns. ATLATL is innovation’s spear thrower — to facilitate innovators’ growth and enhance their ability to reach milestones faster than ever.]