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FLIR Systems and ANSYS to Speed Thermal Camera Machine Learning for Safer Cars

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FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) and ANSYS
(NASDAQ: ANSS) are collaborating to deliver superior hazard detection
capabilities for assisted driving and autonomous vehicles (AVs) —
empowering automakers to deliver unprecedented vehicle safety. Through
this collaboration, FLIR will integrate a fully physics-based thermal
sensor into ANSYSleading-edge driving simulator to model,
test, and validate thermal camera designs within an ultra-realistic
virtual world. The new solution will reduce original equipment
manufacturers’ (OEM) development time by optimizing thermal camera
placement for use with tools such as automatic emergency braking (AEB),
pedestrian detection, and within future AVs.

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Ansys and FLIR announced a collaboration to integrate a thermal sensor into ANSYS’ leading-edge driv ...

Ansys and FLIR announced a collaboration to integrate a thermal sensor into ANSYS’ leading-edge driving simulator to model, test, and validate thermal camera designs within an ultra-realistic virtual world. Real-time thermal camera simulation allows developers to test automatic emergency braking systems and autonomous vehicles. (Photo: Business Wire)

Having the ability to test in virtual environments complements the
existing systems available to FLIR customers and partners, including the
FLIR automotive development kit (ADK™) featuring a FLIR Boson® thermal
camera, the FLIR starter thermal dataset and the regional, city-specific
thermal datasets. The FLIR thermal dataset programs were created for
machine learning in advanced driver assistance development (ADAS), AEB,
and AV systems.

The current AV and ADAS sensors face challenges in darkness or shadows,
sun glare and inclement weather such as most fog. Thermal cameras,
however, can effectively detect and classify objects in these
conditions. Integrating FLIR Systems’ thermal sensor into ANSYS®
enables simulation of thousands of driving
scenarios across millions of miles in mere days. Furthermore, engineers
can simulate difficult-to-produce scenarios where thermal provides
critical data, including detecting pedestrians in crowded, low-contrast

“By adding ANSYS’ industry-leading simulation solutions to the existing
suite of tools for physical testing, engineers, automakers, and
automotive suppliers can improve the safety of vehicles in all types of
driving conditions,” said Frank Pennisi, President of the Industrial
Business Unit at FLIR Systems. “The industry can also recreate corner
cases that drivers can see every day but are difficult to replicate in
physical environments, paving the way for improved neural networks and
the performance of safety features such as AEB.”

“FLIR Systems’ recognizes the limitations of relying solely on gathering
machine learning datasets in the physical world to make automotive
thermal cameras as safe and reliable as possible for automotive uses,”
said Eric Bantegnie, Vice president and General Manager at ANSYS. “Now
with ANSYS solutions, FLIR can further empower automakers to speed the
creation and certification of assisted-driving systems with thermal

In addition to the city-specific data sets, FLIR has more than a decade
of experience in the automotive industry. FLIR has provided more than
700,000 thermal sensors as part of its night vision warning systems for
a variety of carmakers, including GM, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Also, FLIR
recently announced that its thermal sensor has been selected by Veoneer,
a tier-one automotive supplier, for its level-four AV production
contract with a top global automaker, planned for 2021.

FLIR Systems’ thermal-enhanced demonstration car, along with other
innovative FLIR products, will be on display at the FLIR booth #8528
during the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada from
January 6 – 10.

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