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FloWater ‘One-Ups’ Coke (Dasani) and Pepsi (Aquafina) With Drinking Water Solution, Eliminating Need for Plastic Water Bottles and Shipping

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Fresh off unveiling at CES the first cloud-connected water Refill Station and mobile app for consumers, FloWater today announces the introduction of its Multi-Use aluminum water bottles, making it easy for consumers to grab a drink of water, without the plastic, at a FloWater Refill Station when they are at work, the gym, in school, at their hotel or a concert. Now, if you have forgotten your Refillable, or haven’t bought one yet, you don’t have to reach for a plastic water bottle and add to the 1,500 plastic water bottles being thrown away every second (50 billion a year) and to the global warming generated by the fleet of 40-thousand 18-wheelers needed every week to ship our drinking water in plastic bottles all over the world.

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FloWater Multi-use system in a retail store (Photo: Business Wire)

FloWater Multi-use system in a retail store (Photo: Business Wire)

“Merchandized next to a FloWater Refill Station, the new Multi-Use bottle makes it possible for consumers to crack open a freshly sealed infinitely recyclable empty aluminum bottle and self-fill with the world’s best-tasting water,” says FloWater CEO and Co-Founder, Rich Razgaitis. “For the same price as a SINGLE-use plastic water bottle, consumers can now opt for the FloWater MULTI-use and refill over and over again using the same bottle. In the process, we dramatically reduce single-use plastic waste AND eliminate the unnecessary shipping of water, while providing retailers and consumers an option for a sustainable ‘Grab and Go’ drinking water solution.”

On average, the company expects people to refill their Multi-Use bottle 5-20 times, eliminating the need for billions of plastic water bottles—the vast majority of which do not get recycled.

FloWater is the first to incorporate a Multi-Use bottle into a Refill Station drinking water platform, making it price-competitive with plastic water bottles and just as convenient.

“It’s undeniable that we’re now in the beginning of a megatrend away from single-use plastic and packaged waste,” adds Razgaitis. “We are decentralizing the purification and delivery of drinking water and democratizing access to the world’s best tasting water straight from the tap—free of single use plastic packaging and taking it out of the hands of the Big Bottled Water industry.”

For retailers, businesses, and concert venues, the new Multi-Use bottle introduces a complete solution for reducing their plastic footprint. With an MSRP of $2-3 per bottle, businesses can maintain similar margins on water sales and increase foot traffic as more consumers seek guilt-free and environmentally responsible alternatives to plastic.

Studies show that 74% of U.S. consumers don’t trust or like the taste of their tap water. With 5,000 Refill Stations now deployed nationwide, fast-growing FloWater has addressed the safety issues with Advanced Osmosis purification technology that removes ‘forever’ chemicals (PFAS) and other toxins such as lead, arsenic, Chromium-6 and the microplastics that studies show are being found in both tap and bottled water nationwide. With enhanced taste (coconut carbon filters) and wellness benefits (added electrolytes), FloWater has become the beverage of choice at the likes of Hyatt, Google, Red Bull, Play Station, Specialized Bikes, Alaska Airlines, Urban Remedy, the Oakland Unified School District and at the Oakland Airport.

FloWater’s drinking water platform is a complete replacement system for single-use plastic water bottles and traditional water delivery hardware like water coolers and 5-gallon jugs. Hotels can reduce their plastic and packaging footprint by giving their guests the aluminum water bottles at check-in or in their rooms. Fitness centers are replacing their refrigerators full of plastic with FloWater Refill Stations and the new Multi-Use bottles for a better-tasting, highly-purified and more convenient water for their health-conscious customers.

The new FloWater 16 oz. Multi-Use bottles are made from 100%, infinitely recyclable aluminum.

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About FloWater

Incubated in Silicon Valley, FloWater was incorporated in 2013 by a passionate team that believes everyone deserves access to clean, great-tasting water wherever they are, every day. Transforming ordinary tap water that’s available everywhere, FloWater’s proprietary, 7 stage water purification and enhancement system eliminates the contaminants that can be found in tap water and delivers superior drinking water that dispenses into any size reusable container, eliminating the plastic waste and toxicity caused by single-use plastic water bottles. Since the company’s launch, FloWater’s Refill Stations have saved over 300 million plastic water bottles from entering the environment and is on target to hit one billion by the end of 2022. For more information on FloWater, please visit