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Fluree Open Sources Its Entire Web3 Data Platform

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Fluree, a market leader in secure data management, is releasing its core source code under the AGPL open source license. Developers can now pull from and contribute to Fluree on Github, in turn building a new internet ecosystem that promotes data-centric security, traceability and global interoperability.

“By open sourcing our technology, we reject the status quo practice of locking data up in proprietary format, and instead solidify our commitment to building best-in-class open source solutions to modern data management problems,” said Fluree Co-CEO Brain Platz. “We are offering enterprises a bridge from vendor lock-in towards a future of complete data ownership, portability and interoperability.”

The growing communities emerging out of the Web3.0 era can use Fluree to create open source, W3C standards-based applications. Fluree’s key use cases include verifiable credentials, decentralized identifiers, master data management, open data platforms and integrations with public blockchains. Such applications are critical for the trustworthy, secure Web3.0 of tomorrow. Recognizing that proprietary software fences in ecosystems and innovation, Fluree, a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), is opening up its enterprise-proven platform for the benefit of all.

“As a company and technology, Fluree recognizes the importance of community-based innovation,” said Flip Filipowski, Co-CEO of Fluree. “We have always embraced the open-source mindset and had always planned to include Fluree when the time was right. We welcome innovators from every industry to join the Fluree community and build with us.”

Fluree’s Open Source code is available now for viewing and pulling at the following link:

Fluree is available for download/DbaaS at:

About Fluree, PBC

Founded in 2016 by Brian Platz and Flip Filipowski, Fluree PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Fluree is an enterprise data management platform that guarantees data integrity, facilitates secure data sharing, and powers data-driven insights. The Fluree platform organizes blockchain-secured data in a scalable semantic graph database – establishing a foundational layer of trusted data for connected and intelligent data ecosystems. For more information, follow Fluree on Twitter or LinkedIn, or visit