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FMS Keynotes Turn Attendees into Industry Gurus

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Virtual Flash Memory Summit (FMS), to be held on November 10-12, features 14 keynotes that focus on the plans of leading flash players. Major company keynoters are Marvell, Western Digital, NVIDIA, Xilinx, and Intel, along with startups Numem, Fungible, Pliops, and NEO Semiconductor, In addition, prominent flash customer IBM will share its latest views on both storage and AI, Matt Eastwood of IDC will predict markets for IT infrastructure, Amber Huffman of NVM Express will cover the future of NVMe, and Karin Strauss of Microsoft will present new research in the exciting area of DNA storage. Keynotes are free to everyone at this can’t miss industry event.

According to Chuck Sobey, Virtual FMS Conference Chair, “At FMS keynotes, attendees hear directly what flash industry leaders are thinking and planning. Presenters will discuss advances in such technologies as persistent memory, 3D and QLC flash, NVMe over fabrics (NVMe-oF), computational storage, new memory tiers, flash storage networking, and application acceleration. There will also be special keynotes on IT infrastructure markets, an AI coprocessor for NASA spaceflight computing, storage for AI/ML, and DNA storage.”

FMS features the latest technology trends, the most amazing products, and the broadest coverage in this rapidly expanding market. In 2019, FMS drew over 6,000 registrants and over 120 exhibitors. The conference also features marketing and market research sessions, and sessions sponsored by NVM Express®, SNIA, and TechTarget. Popular continuing features include annual updates and a panel on Top Ten Things You Need to Know about Flash Memory Today.

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Flash Memory Summit showcases the mainstream applications, key technologies, leading vendors, and innovative startups driving the multi-billion-dollar non-volatile memory and SSD markets. FMS is now the world’s largest event featuring the trends, innovations, and influencers leading the adoption of flash memory in demanding enterprise storage, high-performance computing, and cloud systems.