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FocusVision Decipher Survey Platform Adds Artificial Intelligence to Enable Faster and Easier Speed to Insights Than Ever Before

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FocusVision, the leading provider of comprehensive survey and customer insights software solutions, today announced a number of new enhancements to its Decipher survey platform, including the AI-powered ability to upload a Microsoft Word™ questionnaire straight into Decipher without changing file format or adding any syntax, new ready-to-use survey templates and the addition of Sample Marketplace right within Decipher. Furthering its mission to help brands understand how their customers think and feel to better predict how they will act, these new enhancements get researchers and brands to their Customer Truth™ faster and easier.

“We’re committed to supporting scalable, faster solutions by using artificial intelligence and machine learning that significantly improves the research process,” said Zlatko Vucetic, CEO at FocusVision. “With the ever-increasing need for data-driven business decisions, we want to ensure we’re helping our customers spend more time on the human aspects of the data that can be used to create best-in-class customer experiences.”

In scaling surveys from simple to sophisticated without compromise, and leveraging the humanizing power of video, FocusVision Decipher delivers real-time, always-on insights. Available to all enterprises for seamless data collection and analytics in one place, the survey platform now also enables faster and easier speed to insights, thanks to the following new capabilities:

Build surveys faster: Accelerate online survey creation by uploading questionnaires created in Microsoft Word™, saving time by eliminating the need to program surveys from scratch. Teams can create and collaborate on their questionnaire in Word, then simply upload the document to Decipher without any additional formatting or specialized syntax which is required in other survey’s import features. Once the Word document is uploaded, Decipher’s AI-driven technology suggests the right question types and format to deliver the best results from survey questions. Unlike other surveys that require file formatting and special syntax when importing survey questions to their platform, Decipher automatically reads the Word document and suggests the right question type for the best results with 95% accuracy. This eliminates the arduous process of manually creating and inputting survey questions enabling companies to field surveys faster, freeing insights professionals to spend more time on analysis.

Start with a template: FocusVision continues to add survey templates to their offering in all common areas such as NPS, Employee Satisfaction and Brand allowing companies that are looking to quickly field certain types of surveys and trackers to benefit from best practices and question types.

Save time and money: FocusVision Decipher’s Sample Marketplace connects researchers with quality survey sample providers right within Decipher at a low price point, enabling brands to create a survey, select a sample, and launch studies quickly and more efficiently all in one platform. Users will be able to receive bids from multiple sample providers and achieve an average cost reduction of 50 percent.

“To meet the fast-evolving needs to democratize research and enable all teams regardless of size or programming ability, we’ve used our experience and expertise to make it easier and faster to field surveys so insights can be collected and analyzed in near-real-time,” said Zoe Dowling, SVP Research at FocusVision. “With an integrated platform, FocusVision Decipher ensures the entire collection and analysis process is as accessible and seamless as possible for users.” Read more about these Decipher enhancements here.

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