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For March, GRCV Subsidiary Yuka E-Commerce Monthly Revenues Once Again Top $825,000

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Capital Ventures, Inc.
(“the Company”) disclosed March financial figures for its wholly-owned
subsidiary Yuka E-Commerce (“YUKA”), with monthly revenues again topping
$825,000 in 2019. In total, the acquisition of YUKA and the
implementation of the new corporate strategy has resulted in
record-breaking revenues for the Company in the first three months of
2019, proving the success of the e-commerce brand and its ability to
accelerate sales month-over-month.

Under new management, YUKA’s focus on online branding and business
services has uniquely positioned the Company to take advantage of
marketplace trends with strategic partnerships it has set up through its
Flash Sales eCommerce Division. The results so far have been phenomenal,
as with 80-plus brands sold on over 40 platforms the Company has already
sold over 64,000 units, each earning a 4.5-star rating or higher by

“Incoming revenues have surpassed our expectations, especially as the
YUKA brand grows within the industry,” said CEO Meir ‘Miko’ Avitan. “Our
ability to expand sales rapidly while maintaining — and growing — a
strong market position continues to be our greatest strength, helping us
to produce results for our shareholders.”

Grand Capital Venture’s acquisition of YUKA was part of a broader
corporate restructuring of the Company that saw its focus shift to
branding and business services for the over $2.86
e-commerce sector. Management continues to heed current
reports that e-commerce sales grew by 15
percent in the U.S.
over the past year, using them as part of a
broader strategy to gain market share.

All pre-acquisition business operations of Grand Capital Ventures have
since been wound down or discontinued as a result of executive control
shifting to the management of YUKA. Meanwhile, the Company’s digital
presence, found on the web at,
is undergoing a series of enhancements to reflect the fact that YUKA is
now the principal operating company of Grand Capital Ventures, Inc.

About Yuka E-Commerce

Yuka is an e-commerce company dedicated to providing strategic sales
channels for brands looking to enter or expand in the global e-commerce
market. YUKA provides a full spectrum of brand building and
sales-and-marketing services to expand a client’s brand reach. Services
offered include not only comprehensive sales and marketing services, but
also operational sales and fulfillment logistics, and product and brand

About Grand Capital Ventures, Inc.

Grand Capital Ventures is a company with a historic focus in the
nurturing of companies demonstrating a positive upside while striving to
bring new technologies and unique products to their respective markets.

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