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FOREWARN Partners with Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®

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FOREWARN, LLC, a red violet company (NASDAQ: RDVT), and the leading
provider of real-time information solutions for real estate agents,
today announced that the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® (“MORe”),
the largest local REALTOR® association in Illinois and the 6th
largest in the country, has entered a multi-year agreement to make
FOREWARN® services available for the 17,000+ REALTOR® members it serves
in DuPage, Lake and western and southern suburban Cook Counties in an
effort to promote proactive REALTOR® safety.

Available both online and through a mobile application, FOREWARN
analyzes billions of data points and provides users with the ability to
mitigate risks by verifying identity, searching for criminal histories,
and validating information provided by potential clients such as
financial and asset information — using just a phone number. FOREWARN
allows REALTORS® to properly and safely plan for showings with a higher
level of confidence.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with FOREWARN,” said John
Gormley, CEO of the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®. “Safety should
be a top priority for every REALTOR® and verifying who you are working
with is a critical first step toward safer interactions.”

Mike Gobber, President of the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® Board
of Directors, went on to say, “We felt it was important to provide our
members with a proactive tool like FOREWARN to help them stay safe and
be productive. REALTORS® meet with potential clients every day, and
FOREWARN will allow our members to get instant reports about the
individuals they meet with.”

“Safety should be of the utmost importance to all REALTORS®, and this
will be one more tool Mainstreet REALTORS® can use to help ensure their
safety,” Gobber continued. “And, beyond safety, this tool will allow
Mainstreet REALTORS® the ability to verify asset and/or financial
information about potential clients.”

Existing Mainstreet members will receive specific instructions on how to
activate their FOREWARN subscription.

All real estate agencies and agents can learn more about FOREWARN at


At FOREWARN, we bring knowledge to the real estate industry through
innovative solutions to ensure safer engagements and smarter
interactions. Leveraging powerful analytics and a massive data
repository, our solutions enable real estate professionals to gain
real-time knowledge, for purposes such as verifying identity, searching
for criminal histories, and validating information provided by potential
clients such as financial and asset information. Risk assessment and due
diligence at your fingertips™.

About red violet®

At red violet, we believe that time is your most valuable asset. Through
powerful analytics, we transform data into intelligence, in a fast and
efficient manner, so that our clients can spend their time on what
matters most – running their organizations with confidence. Through
leading-edge, proprietary technology and a massive data repository, our
analytics and information solutions harness the power of data fusion,
uncovering the relevance of disparate data points and converting them
into comprehensive and insightful views of people, businesses, assets
and their interrelationships. We empower clients across markets and
industries to better execute all aspects of their business, from
managing risk, recovering debt, identifying fraud and abuse, and
ensuring legislative compliance, to identifying and acquiring customers.
At red violet, we are dedicated to making the world a safer place and
reducing the cost of doing business. For more information, please visit

About Mainstreet REALTORS®

Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® (MORe) has a long history of
serving REALTORS® and the communities our members reside, work and
volunteer in. What began in 1921 as the then DuPage Association of
REALTORS®, the organization grew and merged many times to become
Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® in 2007.

Today, with more than 17,000 members, we cover more than 200
municipalities in DuPage County, Lake County and western and southern
suburban Cook County, Illinois.

We strive to be a diverse, accessible and trusted leader of resources
that empower our members and the consumers they serve to successfully
advocate for – and make the most informed decisions about –


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