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Former BCBSA Chief Medical Officer Launches Knowality Firm for Health Care Startups

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Dr. Trent Haywood, former president of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Institute and former chief medical officer of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), today announced the launch of a venture services company that will connect health care startups with payers and providers.

The firm, Knowality, LLC, will accelerate market adoption of innovative health care services by providing start-up companies with product strategy, contract support and advisory services. Working in collaboration with health care entrepreneurs and venture capital firms, Knowality seeks to decrease the costs and time for the incorporation of new services that improve population health. For 2020, the firm will prioritize collaborations with companies that address social determinants of health, home and community-based services and senior citizens living within the community setting.

Mon Ami co-founder and CEO Joy Zhang is one of Knowality’s first clients. “The impact of college students providing companion services for seniors will yield positive community results that extend beyond health care. We’re excited to engage the support of Knowality and others that wish to make change happen.”

“Prior experiences at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and BCBSA highlighted the need for a new type of entity that solely focused on coordination between health plans, providers and entrepreneurial companies,” Dr. Haywood said. “Lowering the costs and improving the rate of adoption means more Americans will maintain better health.”

About Knowality

Knowality, LLC., provides health care startups with network services, product strategy, contract support and advisory services to strategically target market opportunities with payers and providers. For more information, visit