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Former NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Redd Joins the ADvantage Sports Tech Fund

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Former NBA all-star Michael Redd, best known for his tenure as shooting
guard with the Milwaukee Bucks and role in the 2008 US Men’s Olympic
team, is joining the ADvantage Sports Tech Fund as a venture partner.
ADvantage is a global sports tech fund backed by leAD Sports and
OurCrowd to invest in early stage technology companies aimed at shaping
the future of sports. In this capacity, Redd will be sourcing sports
technologies with ADvantage and accelerating the introduction of new
products and services into the sports world.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Redd will be covering emerging technologies at
the intersection of sports and data, with a focus on the convergence of
wellness and athletics. Since retirement in 2013, Redd has been at the
forefront of what has become a notable trend: athletes transitioning
from their playing days to investing in technology. Over the past six
years, Redd has invested in over 85 companies as an angel investor,
partner at Third Wave Digital, and through involvement with other funds.
Redd is once again pioneering, this time he is focused on innovative
opportunities shaping the future of sports globally.

“I’m humbled to join the ADvantage team and excited to be joining
Jeremy, Christoph, and Alex investing in the best teams pioneering
sports technologies globally,” Redd said. “I was blessed throughout my
career to tour the world and specifically with Team USA gained exposure
to how different cultures form their own sports and technology
ecosystems with unique strengths. That’s why I’m excited to join the
first team that’s actively sourcing ideas and talent from ecosystems
around the world to advance our industry.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Michael to the ADvantage family,” said Jeremy
Pressman, Partner at ADvantage. “Through his athletic achievements and
experience over the last six years in venture investing, Michael has
built an extensive global network and deep expertise in the business of
sports and technology. We’re excited to be working with him to identify
and build out the next generation of great sports tech companies that
can benefit from his unique perspectives.”

Redd, who maintains a passion for improving the overall quality of an
athlete’s wellbeing adds, “I reflect on how major injuries ultimately
derailed my career. The potential today for the right mix of
technologies and data to prolong and enhance the playing days of
professionals and amateurs alike, can unlock human potential and
underpin an enormous industry.”

In line with ADvantage’s broader investment theses, Redd will be focused
on moving performance technologies down market and expanding their user

“The next application of these technologies I see is for the everyday
consumer who is looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing,”
Redd says. “As smartphones & software are beginning to do what formerly
took a lab of medical equipment, the benefits and insights that I got
from my professional trainers and coaches are going to be eclipsed by
what’s available to weekend warriors and middle school athletes.”

Redd will be participating in the upcoming OurCrowd Global Investor
Summit on February 13, 2020 in Jerusalem.

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About ADvantage Sports Tech Fund

ADvantage is a global sports tech fund backed by leAD Sports and
OurCrowd to invest in early stage technology companies aimed at shaping
the future of sports. leAD Sports is a leading sports tech investment
platform founded by the family of Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, to
support and fund the most promising tech companies in sports from
pre-seed through growth. OurCrowd
is Israel’s most active venture investor and the world’s leading equity
crowdfunding platform with 1.3b USD committed capital to 200 portfolio
companies and 35 exits. This unique partnership allows ADvantage to
leverage a strong global network to source leading opportunities in the
spaces of fan engagement and experience, connected athletes and
communities, and derivative sports (eSports, fantasy, and new sports).
The fund is led by serial entrepreneur and accomplished venture builder
Christoph Sonnen and venture investor and professional athlete Jeremy

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