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Former South African Minister Becomes An Official Fight To Fame Chairman & Reserves 60 Million Tokens

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Ex-Vice Minister of International Relations, National Assembly Member, Chairman of the Higher Education and Training Council Parliament of South Africa, Marius Fransman has officially signed a partnership with Fight to Fame to become the official chairman of the action star reality show in South Africa.

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Marius Fransman becomes the official Fight to Fame Chairman in South Africa (Photo: Business Wire)

Marius Fransman becomes the official Fight to Fame Chairman in South Africa (Photo: Business Wire)

“Fight to Fame,” is the world’s only action star dream factory which cultivates and builds fighters and fighting champions a path into Hollywood, which will create a new generation of action stars based on blockchain technology. And now, the 60 million limited Fight to Fame Tokens in South Africa have been reserved.

Born and raised South African, a young Marius Fransman was dreaming everyday while he was in school of all of the good that he was capable of doing for the country and the people. After graduating from college, he has decided to dedicate himself to politics. Marius Fransman became a mayor at the age of 25, and was later promoted to minister of South Africa.

Since the South African world boxing champion Christ Van Heerden became the champion ambassador of Fight to Fame, Fight to Fame has achieved yet another milestone in the continent of Africa by officially signing a partnership with Senegal.

Fight to Fame is welcomed and loved by the people in Senegal and has attracted exciting responses by a vast number of fighting fans and movie fans. In a short few months of time, the Fight to Fame BMS Action Star Reality Show has earned interest from the some incredibly powerful partners in over 10 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and more.

Just recently, the first partnership between Fight to Fame and the gambling industry will be making the FF Token a universal unit for the exchange of casino chips. Fight to Fame BMS exclusively authorizes Marius Fransman to be the only strategic partner in South Africa for the co-operations in sport events, film productions, casino gamblings and the promotion of FF Tokens.

“As a South African citizen, I feel really excited and proud to be the designated strategic partner of Fight to Fame BMS in South Africa. I will be building a very successful business model by utilising blockchain technology to bring young South African fighters who have a dream of becoming a super action star to Hollywood. I am very confident that the partnership of Fight to Fame in South Africa will be a standard version of a successful global operation.”

– Marius Fransman

About Fight to Fame:

Fight to Fame provides a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to global competitors to compete to become belt-holding Fight to Fame Champions. Top competitors will earn the right to participate in the Fight to Fame Action Star Reality Show.

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