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Formulus Black Smashes SQL Performance Records in Series of Independent Benchmark Testing

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Venture-backed startup Formulus Black engaged leading independent
software consultancy End Point Corporation to benchmark the performance
of Microsoft SQL Server when running in bare metal and virtualized
environments on a single mid-range server with lower cost Intel Silver
4114 CPUs (20 physical cores and 40 hyper-threaded), 768GB of memory,
and Forsa installed. Compared to a similar solution that did not use the
Forsa software, the Forsa based solution tested by End Point produced
129x better transactions per minute and latency results.

“Because Forsa allows all data to persist in-memory all the time,
applications, especially databases, can take advantage of the massively
parallel processing capabilities of the memory channel and deliver
levels of performance that cannot be achieved when data is stored in
traditional mediums like SSDs, HDDs or over a SAN,” said Josh Williams,
database specialist at End Point.

Formulus Black’s Forsa software increases cost effectiveness, processing
speed and memory capacity without application changes, compression,
encryption or added peripherals. The software stack is the first in the
world to keep complete system images and data persistent in memory while
safeguarded against power loss. By identifying and encoding data
patterns using algorithms, the software enables larger data sets to
occupy a smaller footprint in memory while also providing complete
system backup and restore in minutes instead of hours or days.

“There’s an old saying about how the ‘proof is in the pudding’ but we
like to think that the proof is in the testing,” said Wayne Rickard,
Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer. “It’s one thing for us to say that
our numbers against competitive offerings are better but it’s another
thing when independent analysis comes to the same conclusion. Testing
Forsa’s ability to achieve significant performance levels in SQL
environments on a single mid-range server without tuning, shows that it
is unmatchable by any SSD or other I/O-bound technology today.”

Additional information about the testing environment and more detailed
results are available in the End Point solutions brief available at

About Formulus Black

Led by technology veterans in the data storage, networking and computing
industries, as well as successful serial entrepreneurs, Formulus Black
is a software company that is unlocking the power of in-memory compute
for all applications, delivering a level of performance unmatchable by
any SSD or other I/O-bound technology. The company owns an extensive
portfolio of intellectual property, including 15 issued U.S. patents and
8 global patents covering its core technologies and brands. Additional
information about the company and its Forsa software stack is available