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Formulus Black’s Forsa Software Named Finalist for TechTarget’s 2019 Storage Product of the Year

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In-Memory Storage and Virtualization innovator Formulus Black today announced that it has been selected as a finalist in the Storage System and Application Software category of the 18th annual Storage magazine and Products of the Year awards for its revolutionary Forsa 3.0 software, which enables any application to run cost efficiently in memory without modification.

The 2019 Storage magazine and SearchStorage Products of the Year award recognizes winners in five categories: Backup and Disaster Recovery Hardware, Software and Services; Cloud Storage; Disk and Disk Subsystems; Hyper-converged and Composable Infrastructures; and Storage System and Application Software. All the enterprise storage products were judged based on criteria of performance, innovation, ease of integration, ease of use and manageability, functionality and value. Winners will be announced February 17.

Formulus Black earned its finalist placement with its enterprise-hardened version of Forsa, which sets the bar for enabling larger databases, I/O-hungry HPC jobs, artificial intelligence and machine learning model training to run cost efficiently in memory on commodity hardware.

“Along with predictive analytics and AI, finalists in this category were clearly mindful of modern enterprise data storage needs beyond simply meeting high-performance and low-latency requirements,” according to the finalist announcement. “With 3.0, Formulus Black gave Forsa numerous updates to enable applications to take advantage of memory channel performance. Forsa 3.0 enables any application to run databases and other I/O intensive applications entirely from memory without modification using commodity server hardware.”

Forsa software utilizes fast DRAM and Intel Optane DC persistent memory as in-memory storage and a patented BitMarker data encoding algorithm to identify patterns in data and increase the effective storage capacity of memory. Forsa enables applications to dramatically improve data processing speed while protecting against data loss via advanced features such as high availability and BLINK backup and restore. With Forsa, large, multi-terabyte database and analytics workloads can easily persist and run in memory on commodity server hardware – benchmark tests show Forsa provisioned persistent memory can deliver up to 2.7x more TPS at roughly 1/4th the latency of NVMe SSDs for mixed read/write database workloads.

“While we can extol the virtues of Forsa forever, having a highly respected industry establishment like TechTarget echoing our attributes makes for a much more compelling case for enterprises considering implementing Forsa into their business environment,” said Jing Xie, Chief Operating Officer at Formulus Black. “Being named a finalist in the Storage magazine and Product of the Year awards is a great honor and recognition of all of the hard work by our team here at Formulus Black. We look forward to seeing how we place among our fellow finalists when the awards are given next month.”

The complete list of Storage magazine and Products of the Year finalists is available at Additional information about how Forsa supercharges the performance of I/O-intensive applications is available at

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