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 Fort Collins, CO Leverages Econolite Centracs® SPM for Traffic Signal Optimization

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Econolite, the leader in one-stop-shop traffic management solutions, today announced that the implementation of its Centracs SPM (Signal Performance Measures) solution in Fort Collins, CO is completed and is helping optimize traffic signal timing in the City.

A 45-percent population growth in the last several decades that has helped increase the vehicle traffic counts to more than 75,000 vehicles per day at some of its busiest intersections, Fort Collins experiences highly dynamic urban-level traffic conditions, including large swings in pedestrian traffic volumes. The Fort Collins Traffic Operations Department deployed Centracs SPM in late 2019 to help pinpoint traffic conditions in real-time.

Centracs SPM’s real-time data resolution is helping to further improve signal timing. “With a university, a vibrant downtown, and a growing population, Fort Collins deals with complex and dynamic traffic challenges,” said Joe Olson, P.E., Fort Collins Traffic Engineer. “We have traditionally used offline traffic models using very limited traffic data to develop signal timing plans. The model development and calibration process are time-consuming and can be fraught with opportunities for mistakes without rich data. Often, final signal timing happens in the field while trying to figure out why things aren’t working as planned.”

With the drastic traffic reduction due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fort Collins Traffic Operations Department has been able to use the opportunity to verify Centracs SPM’s enhanced signal optimization accuracy to be better prepared when traffic conditions return to normal. “The Centracs SPM system allows us to use much more robust data in near real-time,” added Olson. “It allows us to better calibrate signal timing and, more importantly, make timing adjustments that account for changes in traffic that might not otherwise be noticed. This makes Centracs SPM worth the investment.”

Centracs SPM continues to see increased acceptance among the most progressive transportation agencies in North America. Centracs SPM is a cloud-based high-resolution traffic data collection and analytics platform designed by highly experienced traffic control software specialists as a robust solution that enables cities to proactively sync traffic signal timing to maintain a smoother flow of traffic throughout their corridors. The Centracs SPM solution is based on advanced optimization algorithms leveraging the Purdue Link Pivot analysis with Red and Green Occupancy Ratio.

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