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Fortune 500 Telecom Company Reduces Customer Churn with the Help of Customer Lifetime Value Modeling

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its recent engagement that sheds light on how Quantzig’s customer lifetime value modeling solutions helped a Fortune 500 telecom company achieve a 50% reduction in churn rate.

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Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Engagement: Business Outcome (Graphic: Business Wire)

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Engagement: Business Outcome (Graphic: Business Wire)

The case study aligns perfectly with Quantzig’s commitment to helping its clients transform business processes through innovative customer lifetime value models. Customer lifetime value or CLV is the discounted value of future profits generated by a customer. The word profits here include costs and revenue estimates, as both factors play a pivotal role in estimating the true value of a customer.

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With the global telecom being driven by advancements in technology, businesses face several challenges in acquiring new customers. Such challenges along with the eroding pricing power of telecom companies globally are one of the reasons why telecom companies find themselves in a downward spiral of price deflation and margin pressures. Quantzig’s recent success story offers comprehensive insights on how telecom companies can become more customer-centric while building greater competitive advantage with the help of customer lifetime value modeling.

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Key Questions Answered

1. Why customer lifetime value modeling is important in the telecom industry?

2. How customer lifetime value analytics help correlate data obtained from multiple sources?

3. Can telecom companies reduce churn rates and improve loyalty using customer lifetime value modeling?

According to Quantzig’s customer lifetime value analytics experts, “To drive profitable outcomes, it’s crucial to not just acquire new customers, but to ensure you address their requirements and enhance loyalty. We’ve developed a comprehensive portfolio of customer lifetime value modeling solutions that can help you strengthen customer relationships while driving loyalty.”

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How Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Helped the Telecom Company

1: Improved decision-making and reduced churn by over 50%

2: Designed new initiatives to improve customer relationships by addressing their needs

3: Identified factors leading to customer churn and a decline in sales

As customer demands and requirements increase with the proliferation of communication systems and embedded devices, it becomes crucial for telecom companies to address the dynamic needs of customers to stay profitable in the long run. Our customer lifetime value modeling solutions integrate technology and data modeling techniques to help businesses improve operations, strengthen customer relationships and achieve business goals.

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