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Free Coronavirus COVID-19 Employer Preparation Plan Introduced by PieMatrix

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PieMatrix Inc. (“Pie”) announced a free executable process to help employers prepare for a Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic or pandemic. The process content is from the CDC website and is now organized in a better way for step-by-step execution.

This weekend’s news headlines include warnings such as, “Coronavirus likely to spread in weeks in Washington State” and “Rhode Island reports first case”.

“I had to do something to help our community. So, I’m offering a free CDC-based Coronavirus (COVID-19) preparation plan with a free tool account to all businesses and employers,” said Paul Dandurand, CEO and Founder of Pie, a visual project and process management application company.

The free executable content offered is based on the CDC web page tilted “Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)”.

However, the problem with the CDC content is that it’s not organized as an actionable check-off list that can be assigned for accountability and governance.

PieMatrix has eliminated this problem making this COVID-19 content available as a easy-to-follow executable process that can be assigned to people, assigned due dates, and monitored by executives for progress. The process includes detailed how-to knowledge and important links.

“We felt it would be immoral to charge a fee to import this process and to execute it on our platform. Therefore, I’m making it all free to any business for immediate use,” said Paul Dandurand.

The COVID-19 process is made to be imported into a free version of the Pie project tool. It can be easily customized and as a “recipe” for projects over and over. It can be tweaked for any pandemic or epidemic needs.

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