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Friendship Public Charter School Online Highlights 8th Grade Graduates with In-Person Promotion Ceremony

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Friendship Public Charter School Online (FPCSO), a full-time, online
public charter school authorized by the Public Charter School Board,
will celebrate its 2019 eighth-grade graduates during an in-person
promotion ceremony on Tuesday, June 11th. The ceremony will
take place at THEARC Black Box in Washington, DC.

Many assume that attending an online public school like FPCSO means that
students miss out on “real” school experiences, but this in-person
promotion ceremony proves quite the opposite.

This year, FPCSO will promote 17 students who will enter ninth grade
after completing the 2018-2019 school year.

“Each and every day, we strive to awaken the power of learning in our
students,” said FPCSO Head of School John “Tracy” Sloane. “We are so
proud of our eighth graders and know they have the tools they need to
succeed in high school and beyond.”

FPCSO is available tuition-free to students in grades K–8 who are
residents of the District of Columbia. By combining personalized online
instruction, hands-on curriculum and the support of highly qualified
Washington, D.C. certified teachers, FPCSO helps students discover and
reach their full potential.

Students who enroll at FPCSO follow an academic program that includes
engaging online lessons coupled with age-appropriate instructional
materials and hands-on tools and resources – all of which are shipped
directly to each student’s home. The rigorous and engaging curriculum
includes courses in language arts/English, math, science, history, world
languages, art and music. Students can also choose to participate in
dozens of extracurricular activities and clubs that cover a wide variety
of interests.

Students enroll in FPCSO for a number of reasons—some are looking to
escape bullying, some may have fallen academically off track, and others
are looking for an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar
classroom setting.

Details of the promotion ceremony are as follows:

WHAT: Friendship Public Charter School Online 2019 8th
Grade Promotion Ceremony
WHEN: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 1:00
WHERE: THEARC Black Box 1801 Mississippi Ave SE,
Washington, DC 20020

About Friendship Public Charter School Online

Friendship Public Charter School Online (FPCSO) is an accredited,
full-time online public school program that serves students in grades K
through 8. FPCSO is available tuition-free to students in the District
of Columbia and gives families the chance to access the engaging
curriculum and tools provided by K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s
leading provider of proprietary K-12 curriculum and online education
programs. For more information about FPCSO, visit