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FRISS Adds Niels Zijderveld as CCO to the Management Team

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FRISS, the leading provider of AI-powered fraud and risk analytics for P&C insurers, welcomes Niels Zijderveld to their growing team. After over seven years working as sales director with Guidewire, Inc., the leading provider of core systems for P&C insurers, Niels will now lead the FRISS Sales and Marketing organizations as Chief Commercial Officer.

“Having Niels on our team will solidify our position as the market leader in fraud and risk analytics as we scale to meet our customers’ growing needs,” remarked FRISS CEO and Co-founder Jeroen Morrenhof. “Having helped countless customers find success while modernizing their core systems, Niels has a unique perspective on the increasing demands of today’s modern insurance carriers. While we of course look to continue growing our business, I am excited to do so under Niels’ careful guidance, knowing our customers’ needs will always be our number one priority.”

Niels joins the FRISS family at an exciting time when the need to help insurance become more honest has never been more important. Fraud accounts for 10-20% of an insurer’s claim costs, and hurts the average, honest consumer to the tune of $600-700 per year in unnecessarily high premiums.

“I’ve worked closely with FRISS over the past few years and they have always been a close and valuable partner for my clients,” shared Niels. “The unique fraud and risk analytics service FRISS provides is essential to safely enable Straight-Through-Processing, both in Claims and Underwriting. This in turns frees up time to service customers with insurer’s most valuable resource: their employees. The results FRISS has achieved with its customers both in quantitative and qualitative terms is spectacular. So of course, I’m excited to join the noble mission of FRISS and help honest customers – the vast majority of people just like you and me – receive fair premiums and the customer service they so deserve.”

Niels will oversee all commercial operations for FRISS, a fast-growing company in five global offices. In addition to ensuring the ongoing success of the company, he’ll keep an especially close eye on the FRISS culture: specifically, their core value of being a joy to do business with. Because just like the other 160 employees at FRISS, Niels knows that a best-in-class product only works as well as the people who create and use it.


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