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Froala 3.1 WYSIWYG Editor Adds Microsoft Word, Google Docs Integrations

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Froala, (a division of Idera, Inc.), a provider of software components for rich text and web applications, today announced the release of Froala Editor 3.1 with new and enhanced support for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Internet Explorer 11.

Built with JavaScript, Froala Editor is a lightweight, high-performance WYSIWYG HTML editor focused on user experience. It features cross-platform, cross-browser support optimized for mobile devices, including Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

The tool comes with more than 30 out of the box plugins, works with almost all front-end frameworks, and offers server side SDKs for multiple languages. It can be fully customized to meet the needs of any user — from the UI look-and-feel to the Toolbar functionality.

Froala Editor 3.1 features improved copy/paste functionality from other documents and editors, and numerous enhancements and quality improvements across browsers. It allows users to copy and paste formatted text and images from Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other editors, and provides stabilized support for Internet Explorer.

New updates include:

  • Copy/paste support for formatted text and images from Microsoft Word and Google Docs across all browsers, including:

    • Microsoft Word: text boxes, numbered lists, and tables (including page layout view formatting); captioned images complete with image caption alignment; and automatic reformatting of wide tables
    • Google Docs: copy/paste support for wide tables
  • Improved style and format support for copy/paste in Internet Explorer 11 from text editors including Notepad, Wordpad, and Notepad++
  • Frame content edits, updates, and additions that match native Froala Editor behavior
  • Consistent PDF rendering across all supported browsers
  • Translation improvements for German and French
  • Enhanced Editor Autosave functionality
  • Improved video insertion support via URL or upload
  • Updated SDKs for: Java, .Net, Node JS, PHP, Python, and Rails
  • Seamless integrations with: Angular, Cake PHP, Django, Ember, Ext JS, Knockout, Meteor, Rails, React JS, Symphony, Vue, and Yii

Froala Editor is built in vanilla JavaScript, which eliminates jQuery dependencies and speeds initialization time and performance. With a new gzipped core of less than 50 KB, Froala’s lightweight Editor is 20% faster than previous versions with an initialization time of under 40 milliseconds—making it the most powerful WYSIWYG editor on the market.

“Froala customers continue to impress us with the ways they implement our Editor. From embedding it in their SaaS apps to building email templates, the possibilities are endless, and we strive to make the Editor as extensible as possible,” said Kegan Blumenthal, general manager of Froala. “With this release and planned future releases, we provide features that significantly improve developer usability and productivity. Between Froala and Sencha Ext JS, Idera will continue to invest in our JavaScript portfolio and enhance the ecosystem overall.”

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Froala has reimagined the web editing and design experience. The company’s drop-in WYSIWYG rich text editor is a simple but powerful user interface for developing and editing web content easier and faster. In addition, Froala offers more than 170 pluggable, open source design blocks to help developers build beautiful web and mobile applications. Thousands of companies around the world use Froala, including a large number in the Fortune 100. Froala is a division of Idera, Inc. To learn more, visit