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From Automated Overhead Storage to Bluetooth Speakers, Garage Smart Has It All

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The most neglected area of your home could now become your most
advanced, thanks to a growing set of storage and automation tools from Garage

Garage Smart’s founder, Jerome Miles, and his team have designed a set
of products that fundamentally change the way people experience and use
their garage with innovative solutions for overhead storage and everyday
workspace needs.

“For people who see their garage as a launchpad for adventure and a
place for getting work done, we’ve developed a set of automated products
to reduce clutter and maximize floor space, while providing easy access
to tools, recreation equipment and gear,” Miles said. “Powered by
smartphone apps, Garage Smart lifting solutions and accessories add
functionality, simplicity and an outright coolness factor to any

Garage Smart’s patented innovation begins with smart and motorized
Bluetooth® lifting solutions with the ability to lift and store your
goods overhead, ranging from vehicle hard tops and storage platforms to
bikes, canoes, paddle equipment and ride-on toys. The company has more
than 70 patents and pending applications, with a mission to expand its
leadership in the smart garage innovation field for many years to come.

About Garage Smart

Along with sister company MySmartBlinds, Garage Smart is a member of the Hall
portfolio of companies located on its innovation lab campus in
the Provo, Utah Opportunity Zone. The Provo Opportunity Zone has been
named as one of the top 3 in the U.S. Garage Smart products are easy to
install and use and come from a technology company that draws on more
than 100 years of combined experience in robotics and mechatronics from
within the Hall
experience base. For more information, visit