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From Bitcoin to Zcash: Media Shower’s Bitcoin Market Journal Unveils New Digital Asset Rankings

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Bitcoin Market Journal, the leading website for blockchain investors, has unveiled its Digital Asset Rankings report, rating the top 50 cryptocurrencies using its peer-reviewed Blockchain Investor Scorecard. The new ratings give investors a useful guide for judging both the quality and liquidity of various cryptoassets, with bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum coming out on top—and some surprises.

“We believe that the days of closed, proprietary, secret rating systems are over. They lead to systemic problems where the entire economy becomes ‘pay to play,’” said Bitcoin Market Journal publisher John Hargrave. “We aim to be radically transparent in our rankings, leading the way for a new generation of investors.”

The Bitcoin Market Journal editorial team reviewed the Top 50 digital assets (by market capitalization, or overall monetary value), using a peer-review process to award each asset a one- to five-star rating. In the spirit of blockchain, the team uses its open-source Blockchain Investor Scorecard for its rankings – not hiding them in “proprietary formulas” or behind a subscriber wall.

“Our aim is to make our Blockchain Investor Scorecard the industry standard for evaluating blockchain investment opportunities,” said Alex Lielacher, editor of Bitcoin Market Journal. “We are giving the financial power to the people.”

In addition to its quantitative score, the rankings also include qualitative metrics like Token Velocity, which measures how quickly a digital asset is being traded (with Tether, QTUM, and Tron being the most hotly traded at press time).

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