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FTS International, Inc. Announces Successful Launch of Fully Automated Equipment Health Monitoring and Control

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FTS International, Inc. (NYSE American: FTSI) announced today that it has successfully used MachineIQ™ (MIQ) in partnership with KCF Technologies on an active hydraulic fracturing site.

Over the last five years, FTSI has collected over 1 billion equipment health data points and contextualized tens of thousands of failure events to build a deep knowledge base. By integrating KCF’s MachineIQ™ engine with FTSI’s frac software and pump control, the system is now capable of mimicking the accuracy and precision of highly trained operators, while reducing time to execute from minutes to milliseconds. Using advanced analytics, MIQ monitors fluid ends, power ends, transmissions, engines, grease systems, and more.

Buddy Petersen, FTSI’s Chief Operating Officer, commented, “When an equipment operator identifies a problem with a pump, they need to adjust rate. This is time consuming because they must assess which of the remaining pumps are healthy and available before acting. MIQ is constantly monitoring equipment health and assessing hundreds of parameters; it already knows which pumps to use and automatically optimizes operations across available units. MIQ turns a 90-second reaction into a nearly instantaneous action.”

In the first production run of its kind at a Devon Energy site in Oklahoma, MIQ successfully identified the sources of equipment issues and executed corrective actions to rebalance the system to healthy pumps. MIQ ran for over 44 hours, preventing failures with no downtime or loss of rate. Successfully assessing valves and seats, packing, and power end health, it dropped gears and rebalanced to healthy pumps over four separate events during those hours.

“FTSI has invested more than five years in our automation initiatives to ensure we frac better and more efficiently than ever before. Automated capabilities like MIQ increase equipment reliability, lower downtime, increase efficiencies, and improve safety onsite. MIQ’s real-time diagnosis and automated corrective actions allow us to pump stages as designed at optimal efficiency using condition-based maintenance,” said Petersen.

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