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Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. Enables Self-Service Everywhere with Launch of U-SCAN BOLT™

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Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., a leader in innovative technology and front-end solutions, continues to meet retailers’ growing need for flexible, customer-oriented solutions with the release of the smallest footprint self-service system Fujitsu has ever made, the U-SCAN BOLT™. Engineered to enable self-service at any touchpoint, U-SCAN BOLT can easily be deployed anywhere throughout the in-store environment.

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U-SCAN BOLT (Photo: Business Wire)

U-SCAN BOLT (Photo: Business Wire)

As today’s customers increasingly choose retailers who prioritize enhanced in-store experiences, retailers must provide shoppers with technology that offers customers the ability to engage and BOLT on to their next task. With a fully integrated touchscreen, scanner, and printer solution with various mounting options, U-SCAN BOLT connects retailers to their customers like never before by facilitating user-friendly self-service touchpoints throughout the store so store staff can focus on what really matters: the customer experience. From ticket-queuing applications to simplified self-checkout and complex quick-service solutions, U-SCAN BOLT can be relied upon to engage customers at the level of familiarity they are expecting.

The purposeful minimalist aesthetic perfectly blends into any store décor, ensuring the U-SCAN BOLT never looks out of place. With pedestal and counter-top mounting options as well as optional assist shelves available, U-SCAN BOLT is simple to deploy anywhere self-service is needed. The small footprint allows retailers to enhance customer engagement while maximizing space whether utilizing the U-SCAN BOLT on the front-end for self-checkout, dropping it into various departments where self-service is an option, or installing it in quick-service queuing areas. All retailers have to do is BOLT it and forget about it.

As part of Fujitsu’s S3 line of self-service products, U-SCAN BOLT perfectly embodies unified commerce hardware solutions. Compatibility with common Fujitsu components allows retailers to deploy a familiar solution at self-service touchpoints and attended cashier lanes throughout the entire customer journey, and modularity empowers retailers to integrate only the specific software and hardware modules they require in their store. Built on the concept of Self-Service Simplified, S3 solutions are designed to simplify integrating, deploying, and even developing self-service solutions.

“As shoppers increasingly demand expanded levels of seamless self-service options throughout the retail journey, retailers must be able to provide a consistent experience while enhancing their connection to their customers. U-SCAN BOLT’s small size provides the flexibility to meet demands for seamless self-service and allows retailers to easily drop in a reliable, familiar solution anywhere a customer can serve themselves,” said Shuhei Oyake, President and CEO of Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.

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