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Full-Service Restaurant Transactions Underscore Need for Stimulus

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TableSafe, Inc., a leading innovator of pay-at-the-table technology designed for the hospitality industry, today shared that customer transaction volume indicates troubling circumstances for the full-service restaurant industry following months of recovery. According to TableSafe’s data, transaction volumes declined to 50% of pre-pandemic levels in November after recovering to 60% of pre-pandemic levels in October.

“Through October we were seeing encouraging signs of transaction growth, but this all reversed in November as the weather turned colder and new restrictions were enforced,” said Gordon Gardiner, TableSafe’s CEO. “Despite actually having more installations in November in our network of restaurants, transaction volumes declined for the first time since April. The fact that we see sustained volumes at all with many states closed is testament to the ingenuity and grit of restaurant operators.”

TableSafe’s pay-at-the-table platform is used in full-service restaurants across the country including in 20 of the top 30 most populous states, representing approximately 75% of the country’s population. TableSafe’s data is consistent with the November restaurant employment report issued last week from the National Restaurant Association, which indicated that “full-service operators (58%) were much more likely than their limited-service counterparts (40%) to say they expect to reduce staffing levels during the next three months.”

“The time for Congress and the White House to act is now,” Gardiner said. “Restaurants, and particularly full-service restaurants, are critical to our communities and our nation’s employment. And while many of our full-service restaurant customers continue to make important adjustments to their business to create safe experiences for their guests, they are still taking the brunt of the COVID impact.”

“Creating a safe payment experience for guests is an essential piece of the post-COVID dining experience and an important component to the recovery of the industry,” said Michael Weaver, TableSafe’s Chief Technology Officer. “We will continue to do our part to support the safety of on-premise dining and to help bring guests back.”

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TableSafe is transforming the way restaurants and other venues complete their hospitality service. With installations across the country, TableSafe provides a secure and innovative payment platform that enables guests to execute the payment process unassisted and at their convenience. TableSafe’s payment platform increases restaurant revenue and staff efficiency both in the front and back of the house. TableSafe’s technology also provides comprehensive analytics on customer behavior and restaurant operations.