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Fully-Automated iKuddle Smart Kitty Litter Box Launches on Kickstarter

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is launching a smart IoT enabled litter box to make manually cleaning
your cat’s waste a thing of the past. iKuddle automatically self-cleans,
eliminates odors, and packs away the waste for a simple, hygienic

“By creating sensors that track when your cat enters and leaves the
iKuddle, the system not only knows when it’s time to clean up, but can
help track the health of your furry friend by sending you updates as to
how often they use the iKuddle.” Says iKuddle CEO Kevin Cai. “It’s an
innovative solution using the latest smart technology and automation
solutions to create a system that maintains the highest levels of
cleanliness and hygiene for both you and your pet.”

iKuddle provides end-to-end automation of the litter box, making cleanup
a breeze. The system’s “Auto Litter Packing” feature automatically packs
the cat’s waste into a small bag that is hygienically sealed and can be
discarded at your convenience. iKuddle is also a money saver – by
reducing litter usage up to 50% by only removing the clumps and leaving
unused litter behind. The system is completely modular, allowing you to
fully-automate cleaning or intervene manually as needed.

Perhaps most exciting of all, iKuddle features a replaceable
carbon-based deodorizing system, which filters out all unpleasant odors,
keeping your living space fresh and scent-free.

Features include:

  • Auto litter packing
  • Self-cleaning
  • Built-in deodorizing system
  • Option to plug in or use its built-in lithium battery that lasts for 2
    weeks between charges
  • App-enabled for remote functionality
  • Reduces the number of litter boxes needed in a household
  • Controls waste disposal from a smartphone app

The revolutionary system and its lightweight, minimalist design has
already garnered buzz on various media outlets, including The
New York Times
and made a splash earlier this year at the Consumer
Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With so many cat owners excited
about the prospect of never having to clean a litter box again, iKuddle
is launching a Kickstarter campaign
to bring this device to the
North American market.

See the system in action here
or visit
for details.