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Furna Introduces the World’s First Modular Cannabis Vaporizer

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Furna, a cannabis hardware manufacturer founded by former BlackBerry executives, today announced the availability of its Furna Vaporizer, the world’s first modular cannabis vaping device with swappable, pre-loadable ovens for dry herb and concentrates. Online orders start today and are available for shipping to customers in the United States and Canada in time for the holidays.

“If you’re a cannabis novice or even an experienced vaporizer user, shopping for vape hardware can become overwhelming,” said Steven Fyke, CEO of Furna. “Our goal is to reinvent the cannabis vaping experience by making it flexible and exceptionally easy for anyone.”

A fully modular system, Furna can be easily expanded to fit the diverse needs of users with an assortment of accessories and extensions. Furna takes mere seconds to swap out pre-packed ovens to switch flavors or strains. Compatible with dry herb and concentrate products, the modular design is portable and pocketable. By quickly reversing the oven, Furna becomes compact and is protected from germs, lint, or the elements, making the device easy to clean and hassle-free to use whenever you need it.

Key features of the Furna system include:

Furna Vaporizer: Offering the flexibility and convenience to pack and store both dry herb and concentrates, the Furna Vaporizer ensures that you’re ready for any adventure. To make it hassle and mess-free, the included funnel and multi-tool make packing Furna a breeze. It can also be used to clean the oven quickly. Ready when you are, its long-lasting battery heats up in as little as 18 seconds and holds a full charge for over 20 sessions per charge.

Furna Digital Screen. 53 mm long, 9 mm tall, and hidden until turned on, the dot matrix display makes it easy to customize your experience through the menu in English, French, or Spanish.

Furna Concentrate Ovens. Ready for all concentrates, the concentrate oven features a high-quality, replaceable ceramic heating element and glass bowl. Since there’s no exposed coil, you can enjoy flavourful hits without any metallic aftertaste.

Furna Dry Herb Ovens. For users who prefer dry herb, Furna’s ovens are constructed out of high-quality, food grade stainless steel. The unique push-and-twist top keeps your herb safe, while the ceramic cooling coil keeps the vapor at an ideal temperature. The whole mouthpiece can also be easily disassembled for fast cleaning.

Furna Oven Carrier. Measuring a little over three-and-a-half inches long, this compact device can carry up to two ovens at a time, enabling a seamless transition from dry to concentrate or vice-versa — even on-the-go.

Furna Nib Packs. Colour-code and customize your ovens with six different nib colours. These can be used to identify the type of herb, the type of oven, or just which ones are spent and which ones are ready to use.

About Furna

Furna is the designer and exclusive supplier of the world’s first vape featuring swappable, pre-loaded ovens. Founded by former Blackberry executives with an eye toward revolutionizing the fast-growing cannabis vapor industry, the company is building the next generation of cannabis vaporizers to create a better, more approachable cannabis experience for novices and experienced users alike. Visit to learn more.