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G-Core Labs Launched a Unique Cloud Media Platform for Video Broadcasting Worldwide

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G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions for content delivery, hosting and security, presented a unique media platform for video broadcasting and streaming that allows to deliver video content to any device in Full HD, 4K and other formats worldwide. There is no need for your own servers for transcoding, content delivery network or technical experts to arrange a broadcast.

Cloud media platform by G-Core Labs is the universal solution suitable for TV channels, online cinemas, radio stations, news portals, virtual concerts organizers, video bloggers and companies of any industry that work with video content. Using the media platform enables TV and radio broadcasts, marketing videos, sporting events, poker tournaments, music concerts or personal video blogs to be broadcasted without delays and buffering in Full HD, 4K, 3D and 360° worldwide.

Cloud media platform combines all the necessary tools for live broadcasting and video on demand: transcoding, cross-platform HTML5 player, cloud storage and content delivery network. The functionality can be managed from a convenient control panel or via the API. It is possible to monetize content via ads bypassing blocking.

The new service from G-Core Labs bases its operation on a powerful infrastructure: transcoding servers are located in the USA, Europe, Russia and the CIS countries. Once converted in real time, video streams are delivered via the company’s own content delivery network to any device in any country.

“From technical point of view, our media platform is built on the best infrastructure in North America and Europe. In addition, we have one of the most modern and fastest growing content delivery networks in the world. The key innovation of the service is a unified control panel for managing streaming, CDN, cloud storage and detailed analytics on statistics by views. Also, our service provides a scheduled broadcasting mode where the user uploads the videos and creates his own TV channel or pseudo live broadcast. Its content will be released at the time you need it. It saves a lot of time and you also don’t have to endure any equipment costs” – said Andre Reitenbach, managing director of G-Core Labs.

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