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Gabb Wireless Gives Away 2,500 Kid-Safe Phones in Less than 2 hours—Now Offering Discounts For Those Who Missed Out

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Parents snatched up 2,500 kid-safe Gabb Wireless smartphones for free in less than 2 hours on Nov. 23, a $250,000 value. But Gabb is now offering the Gabb Z2 phones for $79.99 (normally $99.99), a 20% discount, so parents can still save money and give their children the best first phone for Christmas.

The giveaway was part of the Gabb Days of Giving. The company also donated $25,000 to the SaveTheKids Foundation, started by the late Collin Kartchner, an advocate for Gabb Wireless and a nationwide effort to protect kids from online threats and having too much tech too soon.

“It’s always exciting to give away things but what we’re most excited about are the 2,500 kids that will spend less time on screens and more time doing cool stuff,” said Stephen Dalby, founder and CEO of Gabb Wireless. “As a parent I know we are living in difficult times and so we need all the help we can get to protect our youth from the dangers that too much tech too soon brings: screen addiction, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, online predators and more.”

The Gabb Z2 features 14 essential apps and freedom from distractions like social media, internet, games and app stores, no parental controls needed. The phone retails for $99.99 and parents can choose the Gabb Plan for unlimited talk and text for $19.99 a month or the Gabb Plus Plan for $24.99 that allows MMS group texts and image texts. Neither plan requires a contract.

More Gabb Days of Giving announcements are expected in the future.

About Gabb Wireless

Headquartered in Silicon Slopes, Utah, Gabb Wireless enables parents to provide kids with the perfect first phone without worrying about uncontrolled access to the internet, inappropriate content, social media pressure, online bullying, and cell phone addiction. To learn more about Gabb, visit: