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Gabriella Szasz Joins QA Consultants as Senior Partner

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QA Consultants, North America’s largest quality assurance services firm, announced today that Gabriella Szasz has joined as Senior Partner. Gabby Szasz brings a wealth of experience to the market and, for over 25 years has held various global positions in telecom, consulting, and financial service organizations. Prior to joining QAC, Gabby Szasz specialized in modernizing QA organizations within many of the world’s largest banks.

Gabby Szasz has recently served as Global CIO of Enterprise Quality at Wells Fargo Bank. Within Wells Fargo, she championed QA accountability and oversaw the transformation of a 5,000 person QA organization culminating with moving to a de-centralized model. She also championed multiple new diversity programs within the IT organization. Prior to that, she had similar high-profile QA positions at BNY Mellon, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America.

“We are honored to have Gabby join our team. She has been a leader, inspiration, and advocate for the craft of quality for many years and has served at the highest levels. Gabby is the perfect match for QA Consultants as she brings an extensive skillset as a practitioner, but more importantly, as a career customer of QA services, she has a unique perspective that will bring immediate value to our customers and partners,” said Brian Bernknopf, Managing Director of QA Consultants.

Gabby Szasz is a recognized expert within both the QA and Financial Services industries as well as a past president of the Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) in Canada. She is an honored diversity champion, winning numerous awards personally, as well as for her employers. She has worked extensively with the Anita Borg Institute (ABI) at the Global, National, and local levels. Gabby Szasz will continue to champion QA and IT organizational change, spearhead diversity programs, and provide QA advisory services to customers of QA Consultants.

Upon her joining QA Consultants, Gabby Szasz said: “I am excited to join QA Consultants with their proven history of delivery and innovation in the Quality Assurance and Testing space. My experience transforming large global QA organizations, while keeping focus on diversity, will be key for our clients.” Gabby will be based in QA Consultants’ New York office.

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