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GAN plc Provides Update on UK Scheme of Arrangement Ahead of NASDAQ Listing

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GAN plc (“GAN”), an award-winning developer and supplier of enterprise-level B2B Internet gambling software, services and online gaming content in the United States, today announces further details in relation to the court sanction hearing due to take place on April 22, 2020, in connection with the proposed redomiciling of the Company to Bermuda, as previously disclosed on March 3, 2020 (“Scheme”).

Attending the court sanction hearing remotely

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is expected that the court sanction hearing to sanction the Scheme will be held remotely on April 22, 2020. Should any Scheme Shareholders wish to attend and/or speak at the hearing, please contact no later than 5.00 p.m. British Summer Time on Monday, April 20, 2020, stating your name and address, the name and address of the registered holder of your shares, the number of shares you hold and confirming that you or your counsel wish to attend the court hearing remotely. We will use our reasonable endeavours to arrange for any Scheme Shareholders or their counsel wishing to attend the hearing remotely to do so. We may need further information from Scheme Shareholders who contact us in this regard to allow them to attend the hearing remotely (such as a Skype username) so if you contact us please check your emails for further information. Please note that we may not know in advance of the court sanction hearing what time the hearing will commence, as it will depend on the Court’s schedule on the day, but we will provide as much detail as we can in advance. Please note that we are unable to accommodate attendance at the hearing for any person who is not either a Scheme Shareholder or the beneficial holder of Scheme Shares or their counsel.

Proposed extension of Longstop Date

In order to complete the Scheme, the NASDAQ Listing and the related U.S. offering, the Company requires a single regulatory approval and consent relating to, inter alia, the change of control of the Group as a result of the reorganization consequent to the Scheme and admission of the Company’s shares to trading on NASDAQ. Whilst the Company currently expects that this approval will be provided in sufficient time ahead of the current Longstop Date (as defined in the scheme document despatched to Scheme Shareholders on March 13, 2020) of April 30, 2020, there remains a theoretical risk that there could be a minor delay in obtaining the regulatory consent resulting from the current COVID-19 pandemic and, accordingly, the Company is seeking an extension to the Longstop Date to May 14, 2020, to accommodate any risk resulting from this.

No offer to sell or buy

This announcement does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Any offers, solicitations or offers to buy, or any sales of securities will be made in accordance with the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (“Securities Act”). This announcement is being issued in accordance with Rule 135 under the Securities Act.

About GAN plc

GAN is a leading business-to-business (“B2B”) supplier of internet gambling software-as-a-service solutions (“SaaS”) to the US land-based casino industry. GAN UK has developed a proprietary internet gambling enterprise software system, GameSTACK™, which it licenses principally to land-based US casino operators as a turnkey technology solution for regulated real-money internet gambling, encompassing internet gaming, internet sports gaming and virtual Simulated Gaming.

GAN plc is presently listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: GAN).

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