Press release Nominated by Canadian FinTech & AI Awards

Sponsored by Businesswire, an AI-enabled sales intelligence platform for forecasting and identifying growth companies, has been Nominated for AI Company of the Year at the Canadian FinTech & AI Awards. The Canadian FinTech and AI awards honors innovators and thought leaders across Canada in the financial technology and artificial intelligence space.

“We’re extremely honored that the platform has been recognized for leading the way in AI. It’s a testament to our commitment to transforming how we gather and deliver business intelligence. Behind is a fantastic team of developers, engagement managers and data scientists; we’re both excited and proud that all these years of hard work and R&D has gone noticed within the industry. Most importantly, we are thankful for our subscribers in more than 20 countries,” Steven Jast, President and Founder,

About the Canadian FinTech & AI Awards

The 5th Annual Canadian FinTech & AI Awards, hosted by the Digital Finance Institute, is to recognize and celebrate Canadian innovation in financial technology and in artificial intelligence. The goal of the Awards is to bring together, on an annual basis, Canada’s technology leaders in finance to celebrate each other and support Canadian technology in finance from coast to coast.


Launched in 2017, is a sales intelligence platform deploying AI to forecast company growth and expansion. The platform was built by a multidisciplinary team of physicists, economists, mathematicians, data scientists and software engineers. It grew out of our desire to find a way to enhance the methods used by Business Development professionals to identify early-stage signals for company growth within target industries around the world.