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GazeTV Launches Blockchain-Powered Social Entertainment Platform That Puts Creators First

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GazeTV, the blockchain-based social entertainment platform, launches its solution empowering content consumers to reward creators for their work via tokenomic incentives and reward functions. The GazeTV platform was built to empower creators and audiences to interact, support, and grow with one another. GazeTV already has 210 thousand minutes of content on its platform.

Anyone with a camera or smartphone can curate videos and become a content creator. The challenge creators face today is earning income fairly and transparently. It takes 752 streams on Pandora and more than 1,400 views on Youtube to make just 1 USD. Royalties and copyrights should mean artists are compensated for their work—but this is not always the case. Many entertainment platforms’ monetization policies are vague and ambiguous, leaving creators and consumers in the dark.

GazeTV leverages blockchain fundamentals and the GAZE token to tackle this challenge by letting users compensate creators based on their own preferences and tastes. The process eliminates the intermediary that determines creator compensation on traditional platforms, such as YouTube, and fosters a more transparent environment for all involved. Creators can track rewards and viewership, by earning, staking and swapping GAZE tokens, resulting in faster content-revenue distribution. GazeTV converts “users” into a global, engaged community.

The platform also offers an Automated Content Synchronization feature for creators to quickly and easily bring their content from other platforms onto their GazeTV channel. Creators can synchronize their content from Youtube, Facebook, and more than 455 million WordPress websites seamlessly. In addition, unlike existing platforms, GazeTV can be accessed from China, opening new markets to creators and influencers.

GazeTV will be one of the few video content platforms available to Western and Chinese audiences. The roll-out of GazeTV is segmented into several phases, each phase adding exciting additional functions and features to the platform.

“At GazeTV, we’re repairing everything that is broken with social entertainment platforms,” says Jack Cheng, Co-founder of GazeTV. “The unfair reward mechanisms, for example, as well as annoying in-stream advertisements and inefficient payout processes must be fixed. We want creators to build mutually beneficial and sustainable communities with their audiences. We are building an empowered and engaged Gazer community, using different tokenomic models than what exists elsewhere. At GazeTV, we highly treasure creator and audience engagement. This is our mission. Every second counts.”

About GazeTV is an innovative social entertainment platform with built-in tokenomic incentives and reward functions. Harnessing the advantage of blockchain technology, GazeTV was built with a tokenized ecosystem to empower creators and audience members to interact, support and continuously grow with one another. You can find more information by visiting GazeTV’s Facebook and Twitter pages.