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GDCA Inc. and Radisys Strike Partnership to Indefinitely Extend the Life of Legacy Products

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GDCA Inc., a California-based company that specializes in legacy equipment manufacturing of obsolete embedded computer equipment, announced this week that it has reached a partnership deal with Radisys, a leader in providing open telecom solutions to service providers worldwide.

Together, the companies have completed the transfer of over 300 COM Express and ATCA product lines from Radisys to GDCA. This means customers of the transferred product families now have a path to product availability for as long as needed. As a result, customers who have particularly long life cycles or who need greater budget stability can now take advantage of GDCA’s life cycle assurance services.

“The leadership at Radisys recognized that even though they were strategically focused, they didn’t have to leave behind customers who still rely on their older product designs. This is a bold move, providing customers with access to parts indefinitely — it’s unheard of in the industry today,” said Ethan Plotkin, CEO of GDCA, “Our two companies have a long history of transferring products, and this agreement takes our partnership to a higher level. We’re honored in the trust Radisys has placed in us to continue supporting their ongoing commitment to their customers.”

“As we begin to understand how obsolescence affects manufacturers and customers alike, the partnership with GDCA allows us to stand by our commitment to drive new business models and meet the demands of new and long-time customers alike,” said Jason Hawely, VP of Hardware Solutions for Radisys.

“GDCA’s 30 years of experience has made the transfer of over 300 products relatively effortless,” Hawely said, “Our desire to find a solution for long-time customers, effectively not leaving them behind, shows how Radisys remains committed to supporting our customers’ needs. We view this transfer/partnership with GDCA as just another way that we continue to live up to our commitment to Radisys customers no matter how old their equipment happens to be,” Hawely said.

Following the transfer in November 2019, Radisys notified all affected customers, directing them to GDCA for any new purchase or services requests.

About GDCA Inc.

GDCA services customers of legacy products. These are products that have become a burden for embedded board and system OEMs to continue supporting. Since its founding in 1987, GDCA has served as a legacy equipment manufacturer and a second source of supply for more than 2,500 companies worldwide.

GDCA’s PLM+methodology provides long-term customer support and sustainment for end-of-life COTS and custom embedded computer boards and systems. It does this by using OEM-authorized intellectual property to offer legacy manufacturing, lifecycle planning, lifecycle assurance and legacy engineering.

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