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Generation Closes $1 Billion Sustainable Solutions Fund

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Generation Investment Management LLP, the dedicated sustainable
investment firm with approximately $22 billion of assets under
management, today announced the close of its $1 billion Generation IM
Sustainable Solutions Fund III. This fund builds on the firm’s 15-year
commitment to investing globally in companies which it sees are
accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy.

The new fund, Generation’s third and largest in its Growth Equity
strategy, sits alongside its established public equity strategy, and
enables Generation to make meaningful minority investments of $50-150
million in innovative companies with high-growth potential.

“We believe that we are at the early stages of a technology-led
sustainability revolution, which has the scale of the industrial
revolution, and the pace of the digital revolution,” said Al Gore,
Chairman and Co-Founder.

“Globally, we see the rapid adoption of sustainable solutions at an
important inflection point. By taking advantage of technology cost-down
curves, companies can drive sustainable transition through profitable
growth and innovative business models,” said Lilly Wollman, Partner and
Co-Head of the Growth Equity platform.

The Generation Sustainable Solutions Fund will focus on investments in
growth-stage businesses with well-established technology and commercial
traction in three areas:

1) Planetary health: low carbon solutions transforming mobility, food,
energy, and enterprise

2) People health: enabling health outcomes and a lower-cost, accessible
healthcare system

3) Financial inclusion: supporting access to finance and an equitable
future of work.

“Sustainability is about both what a company does (the products
and services it sells) and how a company operates,” said Lila
Preston, Partner and Co-Head of the Growth Equity platform. “A hallmark
of our investment approach is that we take a systems-level view and
leverage our long-term horizon and deep industry insights.”

The first two investments in Generation’s Sustainable Solutions Fund
have been SOPHiA GENETICS, a company leveraging its deep expertise in
life sciences and computing to democratise data driven medicine, and
Andela, the engineering-as-a-service business enabling fast growing
global enterprises to access Africa’s top software engineering talent.

The following companies are representative of Growth Equity
opportunities: Asana, DocuSign, gogoro, CiBO, M-Kopa, Ocado, Optoro and
Seventh Generation, amongst others. The common thread among these
companies is a commitment to providing customers with superior products
and services, and a dedication to promoting fully sustainable business

The fund builds on Generation Investment Management’s global investment
platform which is based on a robust research methodology, a long-term
view and differentiated insight into what sustainable organizations
require to effectively accelerate market adoption.

“Generation is a pure play sustainable investment manager. We seek
businesses that provide goods and services consistent with a low-carbon,
prosperous, equitable, healthy and fair society,” said David Blood,
Co-Founder and Senior Partner at the firm. “Sustainable investing is all
we do, and all we will ever do. With a continuum of capital, and the
collaboration between our public and private investment teams, we can be
true long-term equity partners to the very best companies big and small.”

The Sustainable Solutions Fund has a global and diverse institutional
investor base. With a presence in London and San Francisco, the Growth
Equity team of 14 people offers portfolio companies a rich diversity of
thinking and experience. The team represents eight nationalities and
nearly sixty per cent of the team is female.

About Generation

Generation Investment Management LLP is dedicated to long-term
investing, integrated sustainability research, and client alignment. It
is an independent, private, owner-managed partnership established in
2004 and headquartered in London, with a US office in San Francisco.
Generation Investment Management LLP is authorised and regulated in the
United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Important Note

This document is neither intended as marketing material nor as a
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background information on the close of Generation IM Sustainable
Solutions Fund III, L.P. (the “Fund”). When open for subscription, the
Fund was only available to a limited number of sophisticated investors,
in accordance with applicable private placement rules. No public offer
of interests in the Fund was made in any jurisdiction. The Fund is now
closed and no further issuance of interests in the Fund will be made.
Consequently, this document is for information purposes only.

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