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Genestack launches Omics Data Manager, an enterprise software solution to make omics data FAIR

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Genestack, a global player in life science R&D informatics, today
announced the launch of Omics
Data Manager
, an enterprise data management solution for
cataloguing, curating, indexing, searching and sharing biological data.

The increasing popularity of next generation sequencing has resulted in
the accumulation of a vast amount of data in organisations. However,
extracting value and knowledge from these data remains a major challenge
for life science researchers and R&D managers because of multiple
barriers to data discovery and reuse. Often, data are scattered across
siloed repositories, each with different locations, schemas, and
permission models, preventing organisation-wide comparisons and
searching. Incomplete metadata, and missing relationships to the study
or samples they originate from further hamper efforts to find relevant
data or re-purpose it. The urgency to improve data infrastructure is
highlighted by the recent formulation of FAIR principles: data should be
Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

To address these challenges Genestack has developed Omics Data Manager,
a software solution that provides organisations with a centralised
multi-omics repository and helps them implement a FAIR data catalogue.
Built and tested by industry experts, Omics Data Manager is the result
of Genestack’s multi-year close collaboration with a top-5
pharmaceutical company.

Omics Data Manager allows users to record samples, studies and linked
multi-omics data, with rich metadata and relationships to capture
provenance. Data scientists and biologists can search and explore data
in its full context in order to make better-informed decisions. Data is
imported adhering to customisable metadata templates, with ontology
support for consistency. On-the-fly validation adds control to ensure
metadata is harmonised. Omics Data Manager indexes data and metadata,
allowing users to construct complex queries by interrogating both sample
and study attributes (e.g., cell line, tissue, clinical phenotype) and
multi-omics data (e.g., gene expression values, variation). A fast,
federated, and integrated search engine enables users to query multiple
internal and public sources, including studies from repositories such as
NCBI GEO and ArrayExpress.

“Aligned with FAIR principles, Omics Data Manager maximises return on
investment into data production by making it quicker to discover
relevant data, and easier to access, carry-out operations on and re-use
such data,” said Misha Kapushesky, Genestack’s CEO. “By using Omics Data
Manager life science researchers and R&D managers can gain insights from
data and move through target identification and drug discovery faster.”

Omics Data Manager’s integration into individual environments, including
LIMS and third-party upstream data analysis platforms, is guided by a
team of expert bioinformaticians and software developers who are
dedicated to understanding enterprise needs.

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