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Genialis and Oncologie Collaborate on Precision Medicine Initiative in Gastric Cancer

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Genialis, a leader in applied data science for the development of precision medicines, today announced a collaborative partnership with Oncologie, an international, clinical-stage biopharma developing next-generation immunotherapies for cancer. Initial activities will focus on the use of Genialis’ Expressions software platform and analytics IP with Oncologie’s clinical and translational expertise to refine patient stratification methodologies.

“We are incredibly excited to work with Genialis on this cutting-edge, precision medicine project. To be able to better understand the patient’s tumor microenvironment phenotype and how it is related to patient benefit represents a key objective for the future success of our company,” says Oncologie CEO Laura Benjamin.

Early work between the two companies has thus far focused on modeling gene expression signatures predictive of treatment for gastric cancer. The patent-pending enhanced methodology will further Oncologie’s clinical development plans to expand beyond gastric cancer to other tumor microenvironment phenotypes.

“One of the most encouraging trends in drug development is innovation around integrating and interrogating diverse datasets. Data from historical literature, public population studies, first in human trials, et cetera, can be leveraged to answer significant questions on how to make safe and effective treatments more readily available to patients fighting debilitating and deadly diseases,” says Genialis CEO Rafael Rosengarten. “Our work in data science requires a great deal of artistry in addition to technology. And benefits from hand-in-hand collaboration with biology domain experts, which makes this opportunity with Oncologie so special. Right from the start, we knew we shared a vision and a commitment to the process.”

This week Genialis will present its work on predictive models for patient stratification at the Precision Medicine World Conference in Santa Clara, CA on January 22.

About Oncologie, Inc.

Oncologie, Inc. is an innovative biopharmaceutical company committed to delivering better outcomes for cancer patients through improved approaches to patient selection and clinical trial design. Our current pipeline includes clinical programs that improve treatment outcomes by modulating the tumor micro-environment and enhancing the immune response to targeting cancer cells. From its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and Shanghai, China, Oncologie is working with global partners to acquire and develop innovative drugs for cancer patients around the world. For more information on Oncologie, Inc., please visit

About Genialis

Genialis is a data science and drug discovery company focused on new ways to treat disease. Blending computational biology and AI-based methods, Genialis merges and models data at the intersection of clinical and translational medicine. Genialis is trusted by biopharma and big pharma alike, to identify targets, predict biomarkers and optimally position novel drugs. Together, Genialis and its partners work to bring improved solutions to drug discovery to change people’s lives.