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Genosity and Igentify Announce Strategic Collaboration to Integrate Their Offerings, Enabling Comprehensive and Holistic Precision Medicine Solution for Health Systems

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Genosity, Inc., an innovative biotechnology company that provides comprehensive software and laboratory solutions to enable precision medicine, announced today that it has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Igentify, a digital health technology company that has developed a digital genetic counselor assistant to improve provider interaction with patients for onboarding, enrollment, consenting, as well as facilitating counseling for personalized genetic testing results. Under the terms of agreement, Igentify will integrate its digital platform with Genosity’s Integrated Genomic Toolkit (IGT), and both companies will comarket the combined solution.

The integrated product, with an ability to interface with traditional EMR systems, is a complete solution for any health system offering genetic testing. This comprehensive platform enables a genomic testing order for a patient to be originated by a third-party health system, explained to the patient by a personalized and dynamic multimedia presentation which takes the patient through a genetic testing consent process and literacy assessment; processed in LIMS upon receipt of the patient’s specimen; the genomic data analyzed, interpreted and reported, and a full medical report communicated to the patient with customized, patient friendly PDF and video reports.

“Our goal is to enable health systems to fully embrace precision medicine to the benefit of their patients which requires more than just performing or sending out a test. It is about enabling those who most directly touch patient lives. Our integrated system not only provides a solution for the operational aspects of all genetic testing, from patient enrollment to result report, but also enables our clients to build their data driven knowledge base that can help them advance research, improve patient care and engage in commercial collaborations. It is our pleasure to work with Igentify. Both executive teams have worked on solving operational challenges in genomics for a long time; this collaboration is the result of our work and experience in this critically important field,” said Dr. Marc Grodman CEO and Cofounder of Genosity.

Dr. Doron Behar, CEO and Cofounder of Igentify, said, “Genomic testing is a pillar of precision medicine which will affect the health of each individual worldwide and shape healthcare policies and prevention medicine practices. Demand for genetic testing is rising quickly, but a shortage of genetic counselors makes it impossible to scale up personal genetic counseling services, leaving health care providers unable to fulfill patient needs. Igentify is proud to combine our efforts with Genosity to allow the first of its kind comprehensive software solution that enables healthcare providers to establish genomic core centers of excellence comprising patient counseling, bioinformatics and a laboratory information management system for better patient care.”

About Genosity:

Genosity is a life science biotechnology company that employs its expertise, novel software solutions and laboratory services for both somatic and germline applications to enable its strategic partners to fully realize the value of precision medicine for both the research and clinical markets. For more information, please visit us at

About Igentify:

Igentify is a digital health technology company with expertise in analyzing, interpreting and transforming complex genomic molecular results into medically supervised genetic reports. Igentify enables personalized genetic counseling services at scale. The mission of Igentify is to create accessible and actionable genomic data for all. For more information, please visit us at