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Genymotion Android in the Cloud Now on Arm Processors For Faster Application Development and Streaming

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Genymobile announced today that Genymotion Android™ in the Cloud will be available on Arm-based servers this year. Android application developers will be able to seamlessly develop, test, and deploy applications on the same processor architecture as their ‘target’ mobile processor SOC, eliminating the need for cross-development and translation of x86 and Arm instruction sets. The integrated develop/test/deploy platform increases compatibility, speeds time to market, and reduces complexity, providing a better developer and customer experience. Using Arm-based servers to stream Android from the Cloud is more economical, provides higher performance, and delivers better quality over x86 servers.

“It’s not just about the economics,” says Tim Danford, CEO of Genymobile. “While we are seeing as much as three to five times higher density and higher streaming quality on this generation of Arm-based servers, the real impact is faster time to market for the Genymotion Android application developer community.” Developers will be able to cover more code with more tests on virtual devices running on native Arm processors, reducing the testing time required on physical devices.

Genymotion Android in the Cloud is a natural workload on Arm-based servers to showcase the benefits of Arm processors with no requirement for recompilation or translation of the software. Additionally, the mobile industry is increasingly migrating to Android in the Cloud as the number of use cases expands. While application development and testing are the most common use cases, application streaming for marketing, customer support and training are all proliferating. In Asia, streaming mobile game applications utilize the near-infinite processing power of Arm servers and low latency networks to provide a compelling gaming experience. Genymobile has supported Android in the Cloud in all of these use cases since 2016. Looking forward, low latency 5G networks with edge computing will be perfect for Android in the Cloud.

About Genymobile

Genymobile is the provider of Genymotion, the most popular Android application development and test solution in the market. Founded in 2011, the company’s mission is to use our passion for innovation to empower people to create remarkable mobile experiences for their customers.

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